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Create your own Stunning Website with

wix is one of the leading cloud based development platforms which has millions of users all over the world. It helps users to create their beautiful yet professionals web presence. Wix website builder provides everything that one needs, to create a high quality website. Your website can be anything, from promoting your business or showcasing your art to setting up an online shop.

What make different from others (features):


There are many exciting features provided by which definitely will help users to create a stunning and beautiful website.

  • One of the features provided includes columns, to give your website a fresh and sleek look. To find this feature go to the editor-add-strip- and choose a column layout. It splits the strips into smaller parts, and will always look great no matter how you can change it.
  • You can also add a Google map to your website to make it more professional and attractive. Go to the editor-add-contact-Google maps.
  • It also provides animations for the visitors in the form of text and images as to make your website even more impressive.
  • It provides a gallery to showcase the photographs online and also gives the new scroll effects with fade-in or zoom-in options.
  • There are plenty of different designs and templates to make your website stand out from the rest and make it more appealing for visitors.
  • There are over 200 APPs, including many ways to connect with social media. One can send invoices, set up the contacts and also add the countdown to an upcoming event.

There is no need to possess the technical skills. You just have to pick one template and change it according to your preferences. is one of the best innovative websites builders among its competitors because they regularly update their service with new designs and tools. The designs are up-to-date with the latest design trends.

How to create your website with

If you want to create a website with the help of then you just have to follow some simple steps. The steps are:

  • Sign up to
  • Select a template according to your needs
  • Customize the templates as per your requirements or add some text, images or videos.
  • Publish the website in the internet to share it with the whole world.
  • Manage your entire business online with domains, email marketing, with different types of APPS and more.

Is a good website builder or not?


One question comes to every person’s mind whether is a good website builder or not? Can we trust it to build our website or not? For that we need to find the answers.

First of all, you all need to know that has more than 90 million users, which proves how much people trust it. It is very easy to use, providing professional templates and drag and drop editor. also has support and help buttons everywhere and they provide phone support as well. One can click on the main help button of the page to find the answer of the query. They don’t have to go through the database which is time consuming for users. The phone help is also available from 6am to 5pm. They try their best to provide the best service to their visitors.

Wix’s Search Engine Optimization


The website is made up of content and the content is written with the magic of words. The customizable heading tags at make your content more appealing. Search engines review this written content; and will determine which web pages are more relevant to a certain query. The purpose of this search is to find answers to the given questions. provides a great assistance in the basic and advance techniques of the Search Engine Optimization.


  • takes care of all the hosting needs and technical needs so that the user can focus on their website building and their business.
  • It provides 301 redirection services between required domains, platforms and also between websites within Wix, in order to tackle with domain related issues.
  • It integrates sites with Google Analytics to assists you to monitor the traffic and other factors of your website.
  • It will help to make your site visible in Google search.

By getting feedback and request of users, they have made a few changes in the past months and we can see the improvements in Wix’s SEO capabilities.

Those improvements are:


  • Providing user friendly URL structures that are free of hash bangs.
  • They have improved in the loading time of sites and as a result you will get better user-engagement.

It provides various SEO tools that help the users to build an SEO-friendly website. These tools are:

  • SEO in the editor, which help users to easily add unique SEO to each and every page of your website.
  • Ability to optimize your images with Alt text.
  • SEO wizard is there to guide you to improve the SEO.
  • The Wix blog is available to know about all the resources and the articles.
  • Wix APP market is also available to explore the Apps which help to boost SEO.
  • If one has any questions or doubt, the Wix support team is also there to answer all the unanswered questions and to solve the problems.

People usually search the web by entering a search query, made up of certain keywords into Google. With Wix’s SEO tools, it’s easy to optimize your site with your businesses keywords – so that users can find you online and get to know your website.

To know more about the Wix’s SEO you can explore .