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How to create Craigslist HTML Ads with WordPress

Even if you already have a website, Craigslist can help bring in traffic and new customers. This is especially true if you offer the type of site or service. For example, used equipment sellers, general contractors, plumbers and pre-owned automobile sales are all things that people might look for on Craigslist. If you live in an area where Craigslist is popular, you could be missing out by ignoring this Craigslist ad design service.

By default, Craigslist ads are pretty boring, and they quickly run together in the visitor’s eyes. That’s why you want to customize your ad to stand out. Craigslist allows limited usage of HTML, but you might have stuck to the same old design if you’re not familiar with HTML. You don’t have to, however! You can create HTML for Craigslist in the WordPress editor.

Craigslist Ad Design in WordPress

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown even if you’ve never used Craigslist before.

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click “New” and select “Post.” You can also use a page.
  3. Begin typing the content that you want in your ad. Use the “Enter” key to include line breaks.
  4. Highlight any text that you want included and select an option on the visual editor such as bold, italic, heading or a list to add styles.

Inserting Images in the WordPress Editor

You can use WordPress both to host and style images without editing HTML code yourself.

  1. To insert an image, click “Add Media.”
  2. From “Insert Media,” choose “Upload Files.” Locate the image(s) on your computer. Click “Upload.”
  3. After uploading has finished, type a descriptive phrase into the “Alt Text” field for each photo.
  4. Click “Insert Into Post” on the right. This will show your uploaded image directly in your post.

Cautions When Using the WordPress Editor

Note that aligning to the left or right and image captions do not work when you design Craigslist ad copy in WordPress. Captions use WordPress-specific shortcode and Craigslist isn’t compatible with the CSS used to align content left or right. However, you can manually do this by clicking the HTML tab and adding align=”left” or align=”right” to the img tag like so:

<img align=”left” src=”” alt=”Craigslist Ad Maker by DesignSpinners”>

Remember that every opening tag and quotation mark require a closing quote.

Tips for Craigslist Ad Copy

Just like you’d want to include the right keywords on your website, you’ll want to do the same on Craigslist. Your keywords will revolve around the services or products you’re advertising, and you can even use the same principles when it comes to designing a “Want” ad on Craigslist. This makes it easy for Craigslist users to find you.

Use your target keyword in the title, a heading, links, image file names and alternative text. Don’t just stick to the same keyword, however. Consider related words that Craigslist users might rely on to find your page when using the search box. Furthermore, be specific when describing your location on Craigslist.

Once your text and images are perfect, click the HTML tab. Select all the entirety of the post and choose “Copy.” Log in to Craigslist and add a new listing. Paste your HTML into the Posting Description box. Preview and add your post. Voila! It’s so easy you might write another ad or two.