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Craft Show Product Marketing And Packaging Tips

Just because you make your own items at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything that you can in order to make your products look as professional as those you find in the store. It doesn’t take a ton of extra work, but could make you extra money.

It’s also about how you market this stuff you’ve made. Not just getting it online, but also how you set your stuff up at stores, craft shows, and even flea markets. Marketing and packaging all work together to attract sales, so here are some steps to take to make sure your items are sold.

Pick The Right Packaging

Packaging can say everything about your products. If your items are simply in containers that you have handwritten ingredients on they are not going to get as much attention as a fancy printed label, or something in a blister pack or bag with hang tags. Even your jewelry will be more attractive when carded or in boxes.

When it comes to selling near or during holidays, try doing some gift packaging, which attracts people looking for creative and easy gift ideas. It’s attractive, and it makes your products look like you care about them, and buyers love that.

Marketing Online

Once you’ve got your products all created and packaged, it’s time to take some good photos and get them online. People love to shop online, and having at least a portfolio of your work for people to view online can help you increase sales.

You should have even a simple website if you are a crafter. You could also benefit from using a sales site like Etsy. Blogging, to let people know more about your products and inspirations can also be a great online marketing tactic.

Get Out And Sell

Don’t just expect to sell everything online. People like to touch things and actually see real products before they buy. By setting up your items in local shops or selling at art and craft shows you are opening up your sales base greatly.

Online and off, the more places your products are available the more chances you have to make a sale.

Designing Your Sales Area

When you get set up at local craft shows, you need to do more than just sit there, and more than just stack your items on a table. Hang items that have hang tags on them. Display things in a layered manner to allow more items to be seen at a time.

Think about the checkout at your favorite stores. Set up your area just like that, with impulse buy items prominently displayed right at your cash register area. People love small, cheap things, even when they don’t need them, so take advantage and increase sales!