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Coupondesh Review – The One Stop Shop for All Your Savings

I came to know about from a colleague who is a master in finding out deals and discounts while shopping online. So coming direct from the horse’s mouth I had high expectations from me introduce you to the website first and what exactly it offers. A coupon service provider that offers coupons and deals for lifestyle products available at varied e-commerce stores brought to us under one comprehensive website that helps us save it all, time energy and money.

I already had my hopes high for the web store and when I actually visited it all my hopes soared as seriously this was the kind of coupon service provider store I was searching for. When I landed on the home page and saw the straight forward approach I knew it then and there this web store means serious business. The first thing that comes in notice is the color scheme of blue, gray and orange that makes the content stand out loud and clear. The web stores and categories are displayed at the top making it easier to search for any web store or category. Below it are the commonly searched categories with the available discount percentage for them.

As we go down we find the top offers available from web stores under “Today’s Deal of the Day Offer” followed by “Latest Hot Deals” that are updated regularly for giving us the best of offers. The “Fresh & Hot” tab displays offers that are freshly available. Alongside the deal of the day offers we also get “Today’s Menu” where the latest online sale from different web stores is on offer. Coupondesh has more than 50 web pages that offer thousands of deals that have been running since a year to freshly updated. The fresh updated deals start from the landing page and as we go to the next we see the deals that have been posted before that and so on.

When we reach the bottom of the website we find all the information about with all the policies, contact information and the frequently asked questions about coupons and their uses. The web store also has their own lifestyle blog that offers a sneak peak in to the world of fashion, travel, food, celebrities and all. The web store can be accessed through various social media platforms plus also has a Forum where one can post other deals for Coupondesh users.

The web store is designed well as it is user-friendly and loads real quickly. The coupons are easy to activate and use as just by clicking on the coupon one can find all the information including the expiry date of it. Once we click on a coupon we can see similar coupons available for the product from different web stores also as they come recommended with it. This ways we don’t have to search for the product under different store as Coupondesh sorts them all and offers at one go. Also more offers from the web store plus other categories are also listed out for making the search easier for the user.

Unlike other web stores that don’t let you proceed until you register, asks for nothing sort but yes if you register with them you would be amongst the first few who get to know about the latest offers and happenings at