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The Cost of Contesting a Will

When someone passes away, it is customary for their family to be closely involved in the reading of their will. The majority of people make some kind of will during their lifetime which stipulates what they want doing with their savings and possessions after they die. Wills may also pertain to matters of business, for example, if the person in question was the sole owner of a company or had other business interests which require post-mortem management.

The reading of a will isn’t always a pleasant task. Some people may be happy with their allotted portions, whilst others may feel as though they’ve been dealt an injustice. Individuals who feel they’ve been unfairly left out of a will, or haven’t received as much as they think they’re entitled to, may even go on to contest the will in court.

Reasons for Contesting

Contesting a will can be very expensive, in terms of time, money and emotional effort. There are only two main reasons (in the UK) for why a will might be contested. If it can be shown that the will was drawn up under undue influence, or if it can be proved that the person who made the will was not in possession of their faculties at the time of writing. However, contesting a will can be very difficult so if you have a suspicion that one or both of these factors were at play then you will still need to acquire a legal counsel.

Mitigating Your Costs with Good Counsel

All legal aid costs money. It may be that you are entitled to free legal support, but even if you don’t end up paying for your solicitor’s bills you may still find that you lose money.The can along the way in the form of wages, travel expenses or childcare costs for the days that you spend in court or in counsel with your legal advisor. If someone is denying your claim you may have to pay their court costs in the event of you losing the case.

So, for these reasons, and more, it’s imperative that you keep your costs as low as possible. Start by choosing a solicitor from a firm such asWill Claim Solicitors, who already have a good track record of dealing with this type of legal situation. The more experience your solicitor has in contesting wills, the more likely it is that you will win after a relatively short period of time.