Content Marketing Platform: The Advantages of using a Content Marketing Platform

Content Marketing has become essential to attract customers and keep them on time. However, if they do not know their techniques thoroughly and do not have enough time, launching a campaign of this type can become more harmful to the business.

Content Marketing

That’s why companies opt to go with Content Marketing platforms like Connectpal. Among the various advantages they offer, they guarantee relevant and quality content at a good price and quickly.

What is a Content Marketing Platform?

It can be defined as an online tool that allows users to fully or partially manage the Content Marketing process, understood, in the words of Joe Pulizzi, as “a strategic marketing approach focused on the creation and distribution of valuable content.” relevant and coherent to attract and retain a clearly defined audience … “.

How does a Content Marketing platform work?

The particular operation of each one varies according to the business model on which it is based. But in general, they offer the possibility for the client to create a user account through which they can be part of planning, designing, and distributing content relevant to their site. They offer expert advice or online tools to avoid major problems in developing their campaign.

Types of Content Marketing Platforms:

According to the methodology they use to provide their services, they can be classified as follows.

Content On-demand platforms:

They are content Marketplaces like Connect Pal, where the client opens a user account and receives experts in Marketing 2.0 with advice and support in planning and executing their content strategy. The plus of this platform is that they publish each piece directly on the user’s site and offer the possibility of managing and supervising the entire process online.

Also, they have a team of freelance experts on different topics responsible for generating the content according to the experts’ guidelines. Each piece is reviewed by specialized editors, who ensure the publication’s content is the best.

Generation & Diffusion Platforms:

They are platforms in which Brands can generate quality content and disseminate it in thousands of Media (specialized blogs, web portals, etc.) and amplify it in social networks.

For companies, they are a handy tool in their content strategies. In addition to finding freelance copywriters, they have a wide directory of Media, classified according to their themes and qualified based on the visits they receive, their SEO positioning, and the number of followers they have on social networks.

Link Platforms:

They are not properly Content Marketing platforms. But it’s worth mentioning them. These sites function as a meeting point between content creators and users that require it.

The client creates an account that allows him to publish job offers in which he must specify what he needs. Immediately after, freelance content filmmakers worldwide apply for their request, and he chooses the one that best meets his specific needs.

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