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Complete Review of India Infoline’s IIFL Market App

India Infoline has launched a new app called IIFL Markets, it is a native stock market app that allows users to complete the trade using the app. Here are some top features of the app.


  1. Information: The app does very well in putting information first. It lets the user configure  price alerts and give them access to technical charting for free of cost. Moreover, the app has a got live tv, videos and many other features that really gives unprecedented access to the information to the investor.
  2. Reports: IIFL Markets is just more about than a conventional app. It has got reports that are generated by over 50 top professionals. The reports are available to app users at no cost. IIFL integrates the reports right into the script and that practice ensures that the user doesn’t get confused while looking up for the information.  Now the idea behind putting up a team of 50 would be covered by the decline in manual executions while trading, and might translate into more automation and cost reduction.
  3. Trading: India Infoline is a brokerage company, and has far more outreach and permanent userbase than many other stock market apps. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise to the users who discovered that IIFL has trading option too. Incorporating a trading feature takes a lot of resources, and that’s the reason why many leading financial market giants don’t even include it. But for IIFL Markets, such a feature was expected, and it is one of the biggest reasons that is fuelling a higher number of downloads for the IIFL Market app.
    IIFL markets not only allows users to trade in various stock exchanges like bse, nseetc but also allows them to participate in the IPOs etc.
  4. Design: At the heart of this app’s success lies a terrific commitment to balance out things. Apparently, they made tough choices between size and features, simplicity and meaningfulness etc. the app is easy, but it doesn’t look raw basic which would upset a typical old time investor. India Infoline has proved that analytics if harnessed well can really lead to something better and brilliant.
  5. Back end support: Normally, this wouldn’t come under review of an app. But for something that is related to financial markets – which means investor’s money, even a short lapse of information can wreak havoc. Keeping that in mind, India Infoline has put up a robust infrastructure in place that ensures smooth functioning of the app. The developers have done their homework well in this regard and the company has been quite generous about investing in support infrastructure – something which is quite unique to this app.

All these factors have ensured one thing – a smooth sailing for the app. In fact in the very brief time that the app has been around, it has got over 80%+ positive reviews from the users, and it is set to be one of the India’s top stock market app.