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How to Get Comments on YouTube

Many peoples from around the world wants to get comments on their  YouTube videos but many of them fail by adopting  unnecessary  steps but to get a good number of views, comments, subscribers for your you tube videos you might try out few simple steps mentioned in this post.

Get comments on YouTube Step 1

The easiest way to get comments on YouTube is from a paid service. In this method you just need to pay a nominal amount to the service provider and according to that you will get comments on your YouTube videos one of the recommended service provider of YouTube comments is which promote your video on YouTube and help you to receive many YouTube comments.

Get Comments on YouTube Step 2

You might make friends on YouTube and post friendly comments on YouTube so that this will help you to increase your number of subscribers you might also send people friendly message to people on you tube to increase your number of contacts

 Get Comments on YouTube Step 3

Try to give some unusual name to your you tube video so that people may get excited and click over your link this may increase the number of subscribers for your YouTube video

Get Comments on YouTube Step 4

Ask your Facebook friends to share your video and the same you may ask to your twitter friends so that this will also increase the number of comments on your you tube video as you can see great results as much as you have your network in the social networking sites as these networks are spread around all over the world.

Get Comments on YouTube Step 5

 Every blog you know you must use your YouTube videos link to that blog, so that readers of that blog can also get connected to your you tube videos and the numbers of chances will get increased as you will get more exposure on the world wide web, this technique will surely help you to increase comments on your you tube video.

Get Comments on YouTube Step 6

To get some good feedback you need to show your videos to your contacts, close friends and even to your family members. So be active on your profile and show your videos to the people around you.

Hope you will get helped from this article of mine in getting more and more YouTube comments on your videos, if you have any questions you can ask in the comments section below.


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