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Why Choose CloudAxis Hosting As Managed Hosting?

Cloudaxis is considered to be the website hosting managers that are leading the generation by making the hosting of the client’s website powerful with the help of their friendly customer support and the positive nature of their success.

The Story Behind Their Success As Managed Hosting

The company has started providing its hosting services since the year 2013, and they appeared to be friendly with most of the customers and eventually as they grew progressively they have widespread their services of hosting globally by teaming with several other web organizations. The company later collaborated with many of the websites which are boosting the speed so that the performance of the website can be increased.


As the loading of the website would be much faster than getting delayed or slow processing, one can enjoy the speed boosters, and in turn, the usage of the CPU won’t be high anymore, and currently this web hosting organization is having 90,000 plus clients who are enjoying their services without many complaints. Their main motto is to provide friendly services to the customers with the high-speed performance of the websites.

This web organization is thankful for all the clients for opting their hosting services and are striving hard to improve their facilities by making the website performance more faster so that they can enjoy using this web hosting services and can leave the better experiences by the clients. The cloud axis hosting is proud because of the kind of the referral support that is provided by the customers to them and with the type of website boosting technology they possess.

CloudAxis Website

The cloud axis has some objectives in hosting the websites as their main feature is to increase its performance. So the key features of this web company are to provide the clients with the best experience by maintaining their hosting support in a friendly manner and no point of making the customer’s website down at any time.

They do not like to hang the hosting account of the clients for the utilization of the resource.When any issue is faced by the customer with their hosting experience then they would be ready to provide their support any time required and they analyze the content of the website so that they can make it much more stable than the existing content so that it would create success for the clients and the cloud axis hosting services too.

Exploring The History Of Cloud Axis For Its Best Performance Over The Years

Managed Hosting powered by Cloudaxis

Cloud axis a web hosting services company, have gradually developed and has reached to the level of best managed hosting company by performing various acts and the central provision for this company is through the customer support. The cloud axis started providing their hosting services of an SEO type to some of their mates who were trying to host at the low rate as this was useful for them in managing a single server with the expenses that are shared with their resources.

As it went on, the server was later expanded during which it has reached to around 151 domain hosting sites along with an equal amount of hosting resources that have been shared between all the various accounts, and it has started increasing its servers for some clients. Later on, it went on for the discussion meeting for teaming up the entire group which has given a call for their mates for forming the team to develop a new platform for the hosting services.

After having many discussions with their team, a cool network has been formed by them who has planned in developing the hosting services of the websites for the users so that they can have the best experience with their hosting sites and also it has given a chance to the world in experiencing their powerful hosting services.

The meeting has been arranged within the mentioned period in which planning was done and carried forward for the further discussion with their fellow teammates so that the date was fixed for the final meet on the hosting services and the allocation of the resource. A Linux hacker has been hired by them so that he would cooperate with them in closing the loopholes of all the servers.

The cloud axis was ready with the back end where it started off all its work on August 1st in building the infrastructure for the servers and also routing of the mixed servers with each other, and it has installed many systems for management and finally, a date has been set for them to launch.

Features For CloudAxis Managed Hosting

Technical Support of CloudAxis

The main aim of the cloud axis is to make the fastest loading of the website and simultaneously it wanted to keep all the websites stable in their servers while doing this act. This web hosting site has an excellent feature called the ticket raising system for complaints. If the client is facing any problems on their hosting services, then they can raise a support ticket and immediately one of their support members would be responding as a reply to their concern.

In addition to this, there are other features through which they would love to provide their services to the customers such as the email support where they would analyze the problem after being posed by the client and give the response at the earliest with the appropriate solution to the query.

Even the support is provided before the sales by this team on whether or not choosing their hosting services where they would clarify all their doubts and making things clear before making any purchases of their domains and would place the benefit in front of customers with this hosting service.

Technical support is offered by this team in response to any of the issues related to the website if being troubled by them, then the experts would analyze them and report accordingly regarding the site problems and their causes. Any general support is also provided by them regarding billing support, minor issues, new website development, domain development, etc.