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How To Claim Your Blog or Website on Alexa

Hello friends. In this article, we are going to discuss about claiming your website or blog to Alexa.

Alexa, as we all know, play an important role in determining the popularity of a website.

Let’s discuss in short about  Alexa in case any of our readers are unaware of it. Alexa is an extension for web browsers, through which, while browsing on your browser any website, you can determine the rank of it by simply clicking on the installed Alexa extension on your browser. To install it on your Google Chrome, follow this url.

Moving on to the main topic, to claim your website on Alexa, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit Alexa, and log in either by creating a new account or log in via Facebook.image07


  1. After creating an account, Login to your accounts, and click here to view this page:


  1. Now enter your site’s or blog’s url and click Claim Your Site.

  2. On the next page, you will be shown all products and price details. Click on Free plans:


  1. Now you need to verify your website:

  2. You will notice following segment:

<meta name=”keywords”
content=”keyword1,keyword2, WQLjXMrR2thu_xRu2eDn-g58aU8″ />

Here replace content’s content with your verification ID which you can find in the above highlighted portion beside option 1.

  1. If you are using Blogger then, copy this verification code, and visit:

Blogger > Template > Edit HTML

  1. Find the header section in your html page (you can use Ctrl+F to find <head> tag under your page) and add your verification ID under <head> section.

  2. Now Save your template.

  3. Now after adding verification id, go back to your Alexa Verification page.

  4. Click Verify My Id.

  5. If your verification ID has been correctly entered, you will see a confirmation message as:

And now you are done with it !

The Procedure might have seemed tedious to first look while reading, but its quite simple, just visit the concerned website, and the website will guide you to it.

The importance of claiming your website on Alexa is that Advertisers or any person on the internet will first wish to have a look at the Alexa rank of your website if he is visiting for the first time to your website. Also, generally, anyone would prefer to visit the website with lower Alexa ranks if they have choices in the search results. This is because once you have installed Alexa Toolbar on your Google Chrome, each time when you perform a Google search, The Google, along with the normal search results, will notify you about its Alexa traffic via a small status bar beside each search results as in the following picture:

So gradually, anyone would like to go with the result having the best status of Alexa traffic.

Being the owner of a website/blog, you must need to improve your Alexa rank and gradually Alexa rank increases day by day if you have claimed your website to Alexa. The procedure, as discussed above, is very simple. So claim your blog/website on Alexa today itself and enjoy jumping Alexa Ranks. Ganglani is a fun loving geek who loves to write about the things he likes at his blog KGTricks. His areas of interest range from Entrepreneurship to Technical geeky stuff  Follow him @ | Twitter[/author]