Civil marriage before a celebrant notary

The law on marriages officiated before a notary has changed, but it is also about to do it again. You will have seen an information boom on the networks, but what can and cannot a notary do? Here is a quick tutorial to make it clear.

The Modern Notaries for You

Today, notaries can get married, yes, but you have to open the marriage record in the Civil Registry. For this, you need a minimum of two visits to the Registry and between three and up to six months of waiting, depending on the city. Once you have this file in your power, go to the notary with your ID and registration, and the link could be held without a problem. The Notary for civil marriage happens to be perfect now, and if you live in Montreal, Quebec, you should search for the “Notaire célébrant de Mariage“ term in the French language.

Civil marriage before a celebrant notary 1

The Right Change

The significant change is that it will no longer be an essential requirement to go through the Civil Registry. The notary will have the full power to take charge of all procedures himself. The couple only have to worry about providing their documentation, and voila! He declared you husband and wife and all the variables. In just one month, you can save months of paperwork, ideal for couples who have scheduled family celebration with catering, farm, and other services closed but do not give the appointment to close the marriage file.

Do you not want to go to work on Monday after your wedding?

Most of the time, they will not give you the days off at work but present the marriage certificate. Another novelty is that the notary, in just two weeks, may have all the procedures closed so that your formal wedding coincides with the celebration.

Now, can the notary marry outside the notary?

Yes, of course, although that probably increases your budget. Also, two factors must be taken into account:

  • Not all notaries are willing to go to the farm where your ceremony is performed and officially marry in front of 200 guests.
  • Although admittedly you find one more willing to go, remember that notaries can only marry in their area of competition, i.e., a notary.
  • That is why a wide range of a notary of trust is responsible for wedding ceremonies in a slightly more nuptial and personalized environment than a notary, let alone a town hall or courthouse.

And remember, it is always good, before you get married, that you decide what the matrimonial regime is best for you and, if necessary, make a separation of property in advance. However, if you want to know more, you can change your regime and create a departure of goods when married.

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