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Choosing the Right Delivery Service for Your Business

It’s a good idea to pick different methods for different types of delivery, weighing up the pros and cons of each method to suit the specific needs of your business. The below article takes a look at the different forms of delivery you can choose from.


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Cycle Courier

Choose a cycle courier for central city locations where motorised vehicles are at a disadvantage due to congestion, fuel pricing, and general mobility in traffic and smaller tighter streets. London, for instance, is taking the initiative to set up more cycle lanes for the staggering 570,000 cycle trips made each day in London.

Ideal for:

–          Food delivery

–          Shorter distances

–          Congested areas

–          Non-urgent post

–          Small parcels and packages

Information from TfL here shows more information on cycle couriers.

Motorcycle Courier

The primary advantage of a motorcycle courier is the speed. Motorcyclists can carry heavier loads than a push-bike courier whilst maintaining the mobility through a town or city, as well as compete on larger roads. Secure delivery of important documents is possible with a motorcycle as security boxes can be fitted to the bike.

Safety, however, is an aspect of the job that can only go so far with safety gear and regulations; the rider is unfortunately more at risk from other motorists due to their physical size and their speed compared to other vehicles. Read more about motorcycle safety here.

Van Courier

Many companies have switched to more environmentally friendly modes of transport like hybrid vans which are vastly more fuel-efficient, and therefore, more cost-effective than older models. The push to be more environmentally friendly as a business is government backed and popular with customers.

International Shipping

If your business needs involve shipping items overseas, you have a lot of scope for how much you can ship or carry over via air freight and cargo. Companies such as InXpress offer a worldwide service that encompasses international delivery methods. This method makes it easier to source produce internationally, allowing for cheaper products from overseas to be more readily available. It allows UK and international clients to do business together and is the most efficient way to transfer large items over borders.

Combining all of these forms of delivery makes for the most efficient way to get items from place to place. It’s helpful to do some research into the methods and technology behind each type of delivery service to know you’re choosing the right type for the needs of your enterprise.