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Choosing the Right Color Flooring – Hard Surface or Carpet

The biggest achievement and investment of anyone’s life is their home. It is their safe-place, their comfort zone and their reflection. They live there and grow there and thus, it is important to make it and decorate it the right way. Decorating a house is not just grooming it with a few paintings on the wall and a nice rug on the floor. Decorating a house begins with the right choice of colour on the wall and the right choice of flooring.

The tone of your floor sets the tone of the entire house. It is not necessary that the complete home should have uniform flooring. Different rooms can have different floors depending upon the owner of the room. Many a times, people neglect the colour of the floor and very casually cover it up with a neutral colour. But it should be noted that even if you’re not planning to make a showpiece of your home, the colour of the floor can make a notable difference.

The basic idea to choose the suitable colour for flooring is that a dark coloured carpet tends to make the room look smaller, whereas a light coloured carpet will make it look bigger. But there are other factors as well that should be considered. If you put a light coloured carpet in a room where there’s much movement, you’ll end up staining the carpet. Hence, it is wise to use plastic runners or carpeted runners.

People don’t pay attention to the available colours of carpets. There are several other colours other than the neutral ones, which make the room look much more than just ordinary. Bright coloured carpets are best suited for sun rooms and game rooms. The idea is to have either a lot of windows in the room or neutral walls where the bright carpet is to be used. This will highlight your choice of the carpet.

Colours with deep, rich look such as burgundy, cobalt blue and forest green are best suited in study or family areas, where impression of warmth is to be delivered. The colour of walls is again important in such cases. Rich wood colours or accent walls can be chosen to enhance the effect of your choice of carpet.

Apart from carpets, there are other options as well to add grace to your floor. Wood flooring is another such option and it is more durable. Unlike what is believed, wood does come in different colours. Those colours may not be as bright or varied as carpets, but they can change an ordinary room to a room where the family spends time together.

Wood flooring, unlike carpets, tends to make a room look bigger simply due to the way it is laid. The width of the plank plays an important role in lengthening the room. The colour highlights the effect of the wood flooring. For example, you could try installing cherry coloured wood in your den to give a much warm, inviting look.

Other places such as your dining room, which needs to look clean and tidy, light coloured oak is the perfect choice. Light colours give the room a cleaner and hygienic look. Oak is capable of giving a cultured, stable look to the room, whereas in rooms of high traffic such as your living room, try knotty pine or similar shades. This is so because knotty pine has many dark knots inserted between the blonde wood, which hides the mud and dirt.

Wood is different and better than carpet in some ways. Woods like tiger wood make a room look alive. It literally looks like the skin of a tiger – with uneven dark and light stripes. It needs a large room to be installed in so that it can give its perfect look. It gives the room a special aura.

Another option available is tiles. They are installed in the areas which carpets or wood cannot cover. Tiles are available in as many colours as carpets and can even be customized in terms of colour, if you are using clay tiles. Usually, bathroom and kitchens are given tiles but not all of them are same. Big and open kitchens are usually assigned medium coloured tiles with an additional mural in the center. Very bright kitchens can be given slightly darker tiles. Using a dark coloured tile on the edge of a large kitchen will give it a good look. It will distinguish the kitchen from the dining room by putting up a virtual wall. Smaller kitchens should not be assigned tiles on the edge to make them look bigger.

Even in bathrooms, light colours are preferred to make them look bigger. Refrain from installing one coloured tiles on the floor and another on the walls. Use same colours of floor and wall tiles, however, you could use a different texture. Colours like yellows or bright blues should be used to give jollity to the otherwise dark room.

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