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How to Choose a Home Theatre Projector

Everybody wants to enjoy movies on big screen and get larger than life entertainment. It is important that before choosing any home theatre you get a HDTV and choose amongst plasma or an LED or LCD. Investing so much money in a home theatre is wasteful if you are not buying the right TV because you won’t be able to get that same cinematic experience that you expect to have. It is essential because TV decides HD-quality display of the home theatre projectors, contributing to perfect colour brightness and the contrast. Find out about all the important features that you need to look out for before buying a home theatre projector.

Know your budget

Before buying a projector it is essential that you know the amount of money you can spare for the device. Projectors can range between $1000 to more than $7500 depending on the model you are picking. The newer models will range higher because of the enhancement in technology. It is also advisable to check for deals available on various e-commerce websites. Previous year models are available on a relatively cheaper price on ebay and craigslist as compared to the latest ones and you will also find some valuable offers for older models. You can do a survey regarding the top 10 best home theatre projectors to know more about the device. Ultimately it all depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. It is about getting the best deal in the least possible price.

Look out for the projector lamp

Projector lamps are the most important part and are rather costly. They might also be hard to get your hands on. In case you are buying a used projector make sure that the lamp of the projector is replaceable. Lamps can also cost between a few hundred dollars to almost $1000. Before making a deal for the used projector make sure that you have checked it’s condition and whether it is working condition or not. Also verify that the lamp must be installed in the projector and don’t fall for buying the lamp separately if the vendor tries to trick you.


Analysing the performance of a projector means reading it well when in Lumens and contrast. A good projector will have over 1500 Lumens with a contrast ratio of 500:1 to have a good performance. The resolution of the projectors must be 720p/1080i for the used projector as the newer ones have 1080 resolution. Measuring the performance will also depend the setting of the projector and the lighting condition in the room. Make sure that the room is completely dark where you test the projector to get the right analysis.

Things to remember

· To compare the price and features of old as well as new projectors you can visit Projector Central. They provided updated information free of cost and almost regularly.

· Make sure that you have properly researched all the brands and products to reach a decision.

· To get a handsome deal you can also look out for refurbish projectors as a scratch or merely a packaging damage is something you can ignore if you are getting a better deal. Make sure that you talk to the retailer before coming to a conclusion regarding this.

· While buying the lamp make sure that you have researched enough because it is possible that two brands use compatible brands. it is possible to find a lamp at a cheaper price than you thought was available.


· Be careful while disposing the lamp as they can hut the cleaners or the people who collect garbage from your home.

· Don’t touch the lamp in your projector once you get it. The lamps contain gas at a high pressure and human impurity can sometimes lead to an explosion of the lamp if brought in contact with the bulb.