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Check whether you’re carrying STDs through your brand new mobile app

According to recent reports, computers and mobile phones will now be able to diagnose STDs or sexually transmitted diseases and this will happen under the innovative plans to curb the rising cases of herpes, gororrhea, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases among the young adults. The technology experts and the doctors are developing small devices, which look and function in a similar manner to that of the pregnancy kits that can test someone privately and quickly to know whether they have already inflicted with STDs after having some kind of sexual contact.


The process of checking your condition with the help of computers and mobiles

All those people who suspect that they have been infected with STDs will now be able to put their urine or saliva into a computer chip which is of the size of a USB chip, plug the chip into their phone or PC and receive a diagnosis within a few minutes where the result will tell them which sexually transmitted disease they are carrying. There are seven funders who include the Medical Research Council and they have put £4m for developing this kind of technology through a forum known as UK Clinical Research Collaboration.

According to the sexual health experts, it is being hoped that this app will reduce the increasing number of STIs which have suddenly seen an increase since the last decade and now reached a record level of 485,76 per year. Two-thirds of the women who report having sexually transmitted diseases were under 25 years of age, as more than half of men.

Who are the target users of this technological device?

With the growing number of people being affected with sexually transmitted diseases, these self-testing devices are aimed at all those people who are technologically savvy and young. The public health experts wonder about the fact that most people with STIs belong to this age group and most of them are embarassed and ashamed of visiting a genito-urinary medical clinic to get tested. Doctors are of the opinion that the capability of obtaining a confidential diagnosis will soon overcome their reluctance of taking the tests.

Your mobile phone will play the role of a mobile doctor

With the new app, your mobile phone can now become your mobile doctor. Hula is a new iPhone app that is probably hoping to get you lucky. Hula has its light-hearted touch are getting enough of endorsements from some of the most popular health experts who are promoting the awareness of STDs. It has been seen that a staggering 20 million STDs were diagnosed in the US last year and this costs to about $18 billion in annual medical costs. So, why not test yourself and take precautions and medicines to cure such deadly diseases?

Hence, if you’re wondering about the embarassment of checking whether or not you carry any of the sexually transmitted infections, you can consider installing the app mentioned above. You may also check out http://www.stdcheck.com for more information on this.