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Check PNR status online train ticket bookings

Hello Friends! Today I came with a new topic “Check PNR status online train ticket bookings”. PNR stand for Passenger Name Record, it is a 10 digit alpha numeric number printed on your railway ticket. The Indian Government has offer easy and simple ways to check PNR status online either by Call, Message or by Website. The PNR number store information of particular passenger on computer reservation system and show status of PNR currently updated, because passengers can cancel their ticket if they not required. So checking IRCTC PNR status online, it will update continuously till your ticket will not confirm.


As the technology is increasing day by day so railway government has updated with PNR status enquiry ways for every passenger who travel by train. So follow below ways to Know your Current “Check PNR status online train ticket bookings” by online.

PNR Number Online Show Status like This.

CNF – Railway has Confirmed Booking.

Wl – The passenger is in Waiting List.

REGRET – No more Ticket are available.

RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation means passenger can travel on shared site.

GNWL – When other ticket has canceled then it can be changed General Waiting List Number.

Released – Means ticket is not confirmed.

If the above mention code is showing online then we can proceed as per status.

Ways To Check Online PNR Status.


1. Passenger Name Record Status By Online Websites.

This websites will provide you Status with Current updated in Railway system, so here You may know your PNR status by online website.

Official Railway, Check PNR Status – Click Here ( )

2. Check Status with Call.

This is easy method to make a call and know your current status. The railway operators talks and provide you the current status of you PNR Number. You can simple dial a number, enter you PNR number you can hear PNR current Status.

· Dail 139 from Mobile phone to know Current Status.

3. Know Status With SMS.

Railway government has offers a good service, We can check status through mobile message. This method offers you some railway number, from which you may know your current status by SMS. The following are the numbers to get current status.

Send – { PNR < enter your PNR number> } to 54959

Send – { PNR < enter your PNR number> } to 139

Send – { PNR < enter your PNR number> } to 5676747

Send – { IRPNR < enter your PNR number> } to 57886

Final Words:

Check your current IRCTC PNR status by SMS, Website and Call by following above details. You may get your current status with these methods. I hope you like this article so share with your friends and visit our website daily to know more new updates. You can Check My Website Just Web World for more news and Updates.