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Check out YouTube App for Windows 8

The design of YouTube Player is straight forward and has many navigational features. When you start the app, you will find it has videos organized in three categories – Top Rated, Trends and Most Viewed.


YouTube Player does not have its own search bar so you have to use the Charms Bar Search option to search for your favorite videos on YouTube. Once search is complete, you will be able to see all the result videos. Click on any one of them to play it.


In video play mode, you can click on the full screen mode button to view the video in full screen. Star rating is also possible in the video play mode. In the Options panel, you can login with your YouTube account and change the YouTube Player style as well. You can also change or add four feeds that you want to show on the start-screen of this app. Logging in with your YouTube account gives you the option to show your favorite videos on the YouTube Player app.


You can minimize this app so that it works in the background allowing you to listen to music from YouTube and continue your work on the desktop.


All the above features make this app excellent for searching and viewing YouTube videos on Windows 8 but it lacks some features too. Like, for example, it does not have its own search bar and searching using Windows 8 Charms Bar slows down the search process. Apart from missing a search bar, it also does not support sharing and comments which are really important aspects of YouTube. But for YouTube users who just want to search and watch videos, it is a pretty good app.


  • Background playing!!
  • Share videos with your friends, family, …
  • Search on Youtube or watch videos from the “standardfeeds”
  • Clear, simple and beautiful design
  • Add your Youtube-Account to show your favorites

How to Install YouTube Player App in Windows 8?

Open Windows 8 Charms Bar and click on the Search button. Now select Windows 8 Apps Store from the bottom list and enter the term YouTube Player in the search area and wait for the result. Once the app shows up, click on it and then on the Install button to install the app on Windows 8. Now go to Windows 8 Start Screen and find the installed app. Click on it to complete the installing process.

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