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Unlike other examinations, AIPMT syllabus does not have one single list of topics. There is a list of chapters which are of high importance and a few chapters of low importance. The basic AIMPT 2015 syllabus has not changed for 2016 exams as of now. There are no indications from the board about potential changes in the syllabus in future for this academic year.


Below are the physics subjects that are of high importance in AIPMT syllabus 2015.

a) Thermodynamics and related subjects

b) Semiconductor devices and related subjects

c) Motion and related subjects

d) Electricity

e) Nucleus and modern physics

Important chapters are

a) Power and energy

b) Optics

c) Electromagnetism

d) Circular motion, rotational motion

e) Momentum and other laws of motion and motions in 2D

Less important chapters are

a) Waves options

b) Fluids

c) Elasticity

d) Vector motion

e) X-rays

f) Radioactivity

g) Capacitance


The most important chapters are

a) Organic chemistry

b) Coordination compounds

c) Theromodynamics

d) Equilibrium

e) Bimolecules

f) P, s, f and other block elements

g) Ether, phenol and alcohol

Important chapters are

a) Kinetics

b) Solutions

c) Alkanes, alkynes and alkenes

d) Mile

e) Periodic classification

f) Atomic structure

g) Carboxylic acid

Less important chapters are

a) Solid state and gaseous state

b) Nuclear chemistry

c) Surface chemistry

d) Environmental chemistry

e) Salts

f) Metallurgy

g) Electrochemistry


Most important chapters are

a) Systematic

b) Genetics

c) Reproduction

d) Morphology – plant and animals

e) Photosynthesis

f) Cellular biology

g) Microbes

h) Origin of life

Important chapters are

a) Proifera to echinodermata

b) Flowering plants

c) Environmental issues

d) Divison, respiration and nutrition

e) Biotechnology and application

Less important chapters are

a) Fungi, protista and related subjects

b) Movement, excretion, respiration, food production and regeneration

c) Health diseases

d) Biodiversity

e) Ecology

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