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The Changing Clubbing Culture

For many of us the idea of a perfect weekend consists of putting on our glad rags and going out with friends to a nightclub that plays the best music we can dance to. We are not alone in this, with the clubbing culture being huge and looking set to stay that way.

In the past, nightclubs had a bit of a bad reputation. They were often considered to be a place that played cheesy music, had no dress code and allowed people to consume vast amounts of alcohol and meet fellow clubbers often resulting in a night of romance. But the connotations of the club scene are beginning to change as more and more venues are revamping their style to be more elegant and classy.

Obviously, we have celebrities to thank for the popularity of the party scene and the way some clubs represent themselves. Famous people are regularly spotted coming out of nightclubs and not just any club. They refuse to attend anywhere that doesn’t have a VIP section or a form of exclusivity. Even the things that go on in clubs have changed. Rather than downing copious amounts of beer, drinks like champagne and cocktails are far more acceptable. Obviously smoking is a no go, but now the electronic shisha from companies such as huge and something which originated thanks to the celebrity world.

There is a certain amount of snobbery being introduced into the clubbing scene and a number of venues are adopting this attitude to change the representation of the party scene. It is mainly in an attempt to reduce the constant reports on binge drinking and concern over how partying can impact people’s lives in a negative sense .

Nightclubs are looking to attract a more elegant party goer and trying to turn clubbing into a form of entertainment that doesn’t result in people getting drunk, having one night stands and making a show of themselves.

Reality television has also played its part in changing the clubbing culture. Programmes such as TOWIE are encouraging people to attend nightclubs like The Sugar Hut and Faces and behave stylishly and elegantly.

Stricter age restrictions, dress codes and VIP areas are commonplace in most establishments and have come to be expected by partygoers.

Clubbing has always been a popular social event and people are known for using it as an excuse to socialise, to unwind and let off steam and even find love. All of which couldn’t really be achieved in the past, considering the set up of the typical nightclub. But now with the hints of class and elegance that are being introduced, the way people want to use partying and clubbing is possible.