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BMW taps Apple’s Genius model to educate customers

BMW taps Apple’s Genius model BMW is taking a page out of Apple‘s book with a new Genius program, according to a new report. The car maker told Advertising Age in a story published today that it’s planning to launch its BMW Genius Everywhere program nationwide next year that will aim at educating customers without actually selling them any vehicles. …

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NVIDIA’s VGX cards bring big graphics performance to virtual machines

VGX cards Though virtual machines have become indispensable in the server room over the last few years, desktop virtualization has been less successful. One of the reasons has been performance, and specifically graphics performance—modern virtualization products are generally pretty good at dynamically allocating CPU power, RAM, and drive space as clients need them, but graphics performance just hasn’t been as …

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Windows RT Is Too Important to Die Off

Windows RT Before Windows RT Before he went to the mat and declared Microsoft’s Windows RT-based Surface tablet dead on arrival, my colleague and PCMag’s lead mobile analyst, Sascha Segan, sent a copy of his column to our editorial staff and dared anyone to dispute him. Guess I’ll have to take up that challenge. But first, I have to say that it’s …

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5 Indian stock market and finance apps for your smartphone

5 Indian stock market and finance apps Those trading in the stock market need to stay abreast with the latest financial news, but finding and keeping a track of information about the stock market isn’t tedious anymore. There are several mobile apps that serve almost every “stock” purpose, from checking the latest prices of commodities to controlling your stock profile. …

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Apple’s Jobs was open to making smaller iPad

Steve Jobs was receptive to Apple making a smaller tablet, a senior executive said in a 2011 email, fanning speculation that Apple plans to make a mini-iPad and take on Google and Amazon products. Vice President Eddy Cue urged then-chief operating officer Tim Cook in January 2011 to build a 7-inch tablet, according to an email from Mr Cue that …

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