Wednesday , January 11 2017
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Technologies Predicted to Change the World

A research report by analysts at Citi Group looked at ten different technologies that are predicted to change the world, and the way in which companies do business.  Some of these technologies are brand new inventions others that made it onto the list you might recognise but are set for improvements, or are going to become much more affordable opening …

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YouTube rolls out new version of iPhone app

New YouTube app Google Inc is releasing a new version of its YouTube video app for iPhones that will for the first time feature advertising but won’t have the benefit of being pre-loaded on Apple Inc’s popular smartphones.   The new YouTube app will be available for download at Apple’s App Store beginning on Tuesday, Google said in a blog …

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Chrome extension brings back Instagram photos to Twitter

That Instagram photos will no longer show up in Twitter users’ feeds has been grabbing headlines all day long. Elsewhere on the web, a Google Chrome extension, InstaTwit, is also generating some buzz. This Chrome extension quite plainly lets you see Instagram photos inside Twitter’s status cards. A description of the extension shares that “it is the easiest way to …

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Five-year-old boy finds porn in refurbished Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is usually linked to happy memories of playing family-friendly games, but recent events have proven that you might have to be careful when buying a device. According to The Daily Mail, a five-year-old, who got a refurbished Nintendo 3DS for Christmas, discovered nine pornographic images on the device. The console was bought from a US GameStop retailer. The child’s …

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Grand Theft Auto V preview: It’s all about the heist

Grand Theft Auto V A console generation that’s just about ready to turn things over to the next is getting its headliner this September. Originally scheduled for a May 2013 release, Grand Theft Auto V was postponed until the fall and is poised to be one of this generation’s last blockbusters. I recently got to visit Rockstar Games’ offices here …

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