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Google Puts Its Virtual Brain Technology to Work

This summer Google set a new landmark in the field of artificial intelligence with software that learned how to recognize cats, people, and other things simply by watching YouTube videos (see “Self-Taught Software”). That technology, modeled on how brain cells operate, is now being put to work making Google’s products smarter, with speech recognition being the first service to benefit. …

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Dick Costolo of Twitter, an Improv Master Writing Its Script

The audience, le beau monde of cinema, has gathered at the Debussy Theater on this unseasonably cool May morning on the French Riviera. The event, officially the opening of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, will be remembered for freakish storms that left stars shivering on the soaked red carpet. But before the Palme d’Or, a little stand-up comedy from Mr. …

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5-inch screen smartphones to rule the roost in 2013

High-end mobile smartphones Last year, the world was talking about dual-core handsets being the norm. This year the standard for high- end smartphones appears to be quad-core processors. As per a report by CNET, 2013 will not only be about improvements in processors; handsets will be a lot larger and the future crop of high-end models will feature 5-inch displays. …

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Xbox Music launching on October 26th with free ad-supported streaming

Microsoft plans to use its Windows 8 launch party to also unveil its own music-streaming service – Xbox Music. From what we’re hearing, the service will offer subscriptions similar to Zune Music Pass, while also allowing users to get something for free, relying on the ad-supported plan that makes it similar to Spotify and Pandora. At launch, Xbox Music will …

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Intel announces Atom-based storage platform for businesses and consumers

There are tons of cloud storage solutions to choose from. Dropbox, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own solution, and when you believe you will find already enough cloud storage choices to go around, Intel thinks you’re wrong. The business enterprise is introducing its own cloud storage service with the announcement of Atom-based storage options aimed towards both …

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