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Emerging Trends in the Energy Sector


It should come as no surprise that the energy sector is undergoing a period of massive transformation. Over the course of the next 20 years, the power sector will experience a tremendous revolution, with a number of trends shaping the way in which consumers power their homes. Coal Power Continues to Decline Perhaps the single most noticeable trend within the …

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Time Extend: Final Fantasy XII


Final Fantasy XII No other game series divides quite like Final Fantasy. As with Mario and Ryu, its name is so linked with its genre that your affection or dislike towards one is tied to that of the other, and the Japanese RPG is something everyone loves to love or loves to hate. Detractors argue that the series’ showboating technical …

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Smaller firms grab big slice of mobile advertising


Mobile advertising     When Auntie Anne’s, the pretzel chain, wanted to tempt moms in Atlanta shopping malls with free offers, it dished out coupons through smartphones that could be redeemed immediately for a free drink or other specials. But while the moms received the coupons on their iPhone or Android device, the power behind the campaign was not Google …

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Intel Announces Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit, Million Dollar Prize


Intel Perceptual Computing   At the IDF 2012 event, Intel’s Dadi Perlmutter’s main thrust in his opening keynote was about having enhanced experiences with machines, and he highlighted that the usage experience on new-age Ultrabooks was more about bringing natural, intuitive experiences using gesture and voice interaction. He stated that the personal computing experience is shifting to one based on …

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We Made Every SugarCRM Employee A Salesperson


We Made Every SugarCRM Editor’s note: Clint Oram is the CTO and co-founder of SugarCRM. Follow him on Twitter @sugarclint. I have worked with companies that considered its customers to be obstacles to avoid or ignore: “If only we didn’t have to deal with those pesky complaining customers,” they’d say, “we’d have time to do really great work.” Any company whose employees …

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