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Facebook Working on a Social Jobs Board

  Facebook may be working on a new jobs board feature, according to a new report by the WSJ. It will essentially act as a job postings aggregator and make them available to Facebook users. With this move, Facebook is trying to leverage the power of social to enter the job search market. Instead of cutting off popular job search …

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Sony’s new XQD S Series memory cards outperform Compact Flash

Despite numerous other format developments, Compact Flash has remained the memory card of choice for many of today’s photography professionals. It’s reliable, rugged and a good size for quick swap overs during shoots. CF is also a good deal faster than other media trying to break into the pro market. The addition of UltraDMA Mode 7 in Revision 6.0 took …

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How to Make Your iPhone Hack Proof

Have you ever wondered how you could ensure that your iPhone becomes hack proof and completely devoid of iPhone spy software? Of course you have, that’s something you mull over for most part of your hectic day. And hence, you’d like to know some ways to up the ante on your iPhone’s security. Voila! Here are five ways to shore …

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Electricians- What Instances May Call for an Emergency Electrician?

Today in this modern world, Electricity has turned on to a necessary commodity. It is no longer a luxury that can be afforded by some people, but it has become something that it is essential to live a life in the modern times today. Today, there is a hardly a house in the country, which does not utilize electrical energy. …

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Microsoft Tablet Talk Resurfaces

  Microsoft Corp is gearing up to unveil its own tablet to boost its new Windows 8 operating system and counter Apple Inc’s hot-selling iPad, according to media reports on Friday. Such an effort, which the company has not confirmed, would be a departure from its usual focus on software and potentially throw Microsoft into direct competition with its closest …

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