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Golf Gets Simpler With the Rangefinder

Are you looking for the best golf rangefinder? Your search for the top laser rangefinders is endless! There are many rangefinders in the market, but the problem arises when it’s time to decide on buying the best one in the market. It’s pretty hard to time deciding which one to buy! Take a study tour of all the possible golf …

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Was This The World’s First Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock?

Clock Ancient Wake Up Light Clock As long as you don’t take the sun into consideration, this 18th century contraption could very well be the world’s first alarm clock that uses light as a wake up trigger, instead of sound. Release Of Clock A spring-loaded mechanism triggered by its built-in clock releases a flint-lock that lights a pop-up candle. So if you …

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Review: Brookstone Big Blue Live and Studio speakers combine performance and value

Brookstone Features Of Brookstone Brookstone may not be a name you associate with good Bluetooth speakers—or quality speakers of any type, for that matter—but the $150 Big Blue Studio and $100Big Blue Live are two well-designed Bluetooth speakers that offer surprisingly good performance, especially for the price. Both the Studio and the smaller Live are available with gloss-black or -white outer frames. (To tell them …

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Sculpteo demos 3D printable iPhone

Sculpteo demos iPhone LAS VEGAS — There are bazillion different types of iPhone cases out here, and a company here wants to help people make their very own right from their iPhone. Sculpteo, who is presenting at CES Unveiled, is in the 3D printing business and has a product that lets people design and create an iPhone case that captures 3D …

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Simple Design Tweak Makes This Tripod 30% Smaller When Collapsed

Camera  In hindsight it seems like the most obvious way to design a folding tripod’s centre support column, but Giottos’ new Silk Road YTL series are actually the first to use a clever three-way, Y-shaped post making the whole package about 30 per cent more compact when collapsed. Traditional Camera  Compared to the traditional design which simply uses a round tube, …

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