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Top 9 gadgets this week

Mobility continues to be the buzzword in the technology industry as several new gadgets were launched in the Indian as well as international markets this past week. This week was quite hectic for the tech segment, as companies launched several devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Price: Rs 10,500 Nokia launched the cheapest Windows 8 phone , Lumia 520, in …

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Rush Limbaugh: iPad great tool in fighting global warming ‘hoax’

Rush Limbaugh: iPad Does the iPad offer a counter to the rush for judgment? If you’re 13 years old, live in Wilmington, Ind., and it’s cold outside, it surely makes you wonder about this global warming thing. How can there be global warming when your personal globe is freezing? iPad great tool in fighting global warming ‘hoax’ How can you …

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Smartwatches are not competition: MD, Citizen Watches, India

As one of the vital biggest producers of watches, Citizen are taking a look to make its mark in the luxurious watch market and nowadays launch is a positive step in that path. The latest Premaster collection – Eco-drive satellite Wave – Air and Eco-force Altichron, launched these days in India focuses on the setting as a lot because it …

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Samsung plugs major security hole in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3

A safety gap in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Tab 3 that allowed access to delicate person data corresponding to names, addresses, passwords from the Samsung bills, has been fastened in an instrument replace. MediaTek Digital used to be the primary to find this difficulty when it ran safety tests on these Samsung gadgets. It later informed Heyse …

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Build your very own zombie early detection system with this Arduino-based project

zombie Project Of zombie If you’re anything like me, you probably look at all of these Arduino projects and think to yourself, “damn, I wish I could do something like that!” Here’s the thing: You totally can, and this nifty Infrared Alarm project is the perfect starting point. Using an Arduino microcontroller and passive infrared sensor, you can detect invisible infrared light. Why …

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