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Mighty Cast announces Nex Band: a charm bracelet for wearable tech?

The sector of wearable tech steadily looks like a desolate tract of novelties, saved irrigated by means of investment capital. That affect doesn’t lessen when you hear that the Next Band: conceived with the aid of the Montreal-based totally company Mighty cast and announced these days, it objectives to be a high-finish style accessory that also plans to be a …

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Digital camera keep guidelines

Want to trap your necessary second? Get a digital camera! When you do not need one, here are a couple of tips on getting the best one for your cash! Plan! You have to set a funds plan prior to buying. Yeah, that’s a wise factor to do! log on! Use comparative buying search engines like Google. Searching for the …

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5 Windows 8 PCs Worth Waiting For

Windows Launch Of Windows Microsoft launches Windows 8 on Oct. 26. A dramatic shift from past operating systems, Microsoft has said that the interface previously known as Metro, with its bold, modern look and feel and emphasis on side-scrolling, has been designed for the tablet and mobile computing market. Naturally, Microsoft’s hardware partners are poised to take advantage of the new OS. …

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Get a SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 player for $19.99

Get a SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8GB MP3 player for $19.99 The 8GB SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ is a steal at $19.99. Is there still a place in the world for the lowly MP3 player? Absolutely there is. It’s a great companion for the gym, the hiking trail, the 5K you’re training for, and so on. And for 20 bucks? How can …

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This Giant Terrarium Lamp Is Beautiful

Lamp The Companion Lamp looks like one of those glass prism planters discovered the chest of cookies from Alice and Wonderland that read “eat me”, chowed down and grew five times its size. And I love it. Pieces Of Lamp The lamp a beautiful piece, made by ABJ Glassworks in Philadelphia. Each one has either silver or copper trim. Customs Of Lamp They’re custom …

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