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ower Power uses Bluetooth

Parrot Flower Power LAS VEGAS–This is what Bluetooth was invented for: a tong you stick in the soil of your plant that tells you when to water it. The Flower Power is a gadget that Parrot will bring to market at some stage this year — there is no word on price yet while the company works out how much …

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AVM Inspiration C-8 Review

A little birdie tells us that but any other world admired model has set its eyes on India. AVM, which means Audio Video Manufacture from Germany, is a two decade previous firm that specializes in source parts for an assorted range of end-users. And, they’ve determined to launch themselves in the U. S. with what we feel is an ideal …

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Google new nexus smartphone and tablet

Google Planning Of Google Even though its planned press event was derailed by Hurricane Sandy, Google went ahead and digitally unveiled the newest members of its Nexus line of handsets—phones and tablets made under the search giant’s watch. Previously Google Heavily rumored over the past few months, the Nexus 4 smartphone, built by LG, was finally made official, as was the 10-inch …

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Golf Gets Simpler With the Rangefinder

Are you looking for the best golf rangefinder? Your search for the top laser rangefinders is endless! There are many rangefinders in the market, but the problem arises when it’s time to decide on buying the best one in the market. It’s pretty hard to time deciding which one to buy! Take a study tour of all the possible golf …

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Was This The World’s First Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock?

Clock Ancient Wake Up Light Clock As long as you don’t take the sun into consideration, this 18th century contraption could very well be the world’s first alarm clock that uses light as a wake up trigger, instead of sound. Release Of Clock A spring-loaded mechanism triggered by its built-in clock releases a flint-lock that lights a pop-up candle. So if you …

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