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Get Easy Access to Location-Specific Streaming

Getflix opens a whole new world for DNS servers with easy access to residents and visitors from other countries to New Zealand, Australia, and the United States and all over the globe offering location-specific video and music streaming. Getflix and VPN offer so much more than DNS. Getflix bypasses Geo-blocking, providing the best entertainment programs globally. Stream your favorite movies, …

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Smart spoon helps stabilize Parkinson’s tremors


Carry Labs designed its spoon for folk living with Parkinson’s, very important tremor, and associated issues. For many people living with Parkinson’s disease, the mere act of chewing and swallowing can be a challenge. One solution to maintain that is to blend foods up to decrease the wish to chunk. however what if it is difficult only bringing the spoon …

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Intel Atom Processor Z2760 Clover Trail detailed for Windows 8 tablet glory


The processor formally known as Clover Trail has been re-introduced this week at an event showing off its greatness in a collection of Windows 8 hero machines. This is the Intel Atom Processor Z2760, made to run Windows 8 tablets and tablet convertables. Here you’ve got optimization for both the new Windows 8 touch-friendly interface and the classic Windows desktop …

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Logitech intros classroom-friendly Wired Keyboard for iPad


Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad The Lightning connector version of the Logitech Wired Keyboard will ship in August (click image to enlarge). We review a lot of wireless Bluetooth keyboards and keyboard cases for iPads and other tablets, but we’ve yet to review a wired keyboard for the iPad. It comes as little surprise then that Logitech, which makes plenty …

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Giada To Launch ARM-Based Android Mini Computers


Mini Computers  Giada, a company that makes small desktop computers will be launching two mini PCs with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and ARM processors. These desktop computers, called the Giada Q10 and Q11, respectively, are already up on the company’s official websites, along with their specifications. Features Of Mini Computers  The Giada Q10 has dimensions of 190mm x 149mm …

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