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Why your business needs a Responsive Web Design?

At the time when most of the world is equipped with a smartphone, a Responsive website design is a must for your business. The usage of Smartphone’s and tablets have skyrocketed for the last two years, and as per various statistics, Internet usage on smartphone’s has surpassed the usage on its counterparts like Desktops and Laptops. Now, why should you …

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Watch won’t be ‘needle-mover,’ however Apple might sell 10M in first yr

A mockup of a potential Apple watch. An Apple watch is probably not an enormous earnings booster but it could possibly nonetheless capture as many as 10 million shoppers. In accordance with a Piper Jaffrey survey of 799 US consumers, analyst Gene Munster believes Apple may sell between 5 million and 10 million smart watches throughout the initial launch 12 …

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Pick a pico projector: We review four of the best and brightest models


projector Benefit Of projector Pico projectors—the tiniest of handheld projectors—continue to benefit from advances in miniaturization and power management. Although most pico projectors are still a tad too bulky for comfortable pocket portability, none of models in this round will weigh down a briefcase or purse by more than a pound; some weigh less than half that. Each one can throw a …

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iPad Air adoption continues to maintain wide gap over iPad 4

iPad Air More than a month after launch, shoppers’ adoption of iPad Air continues to outpace the iPad four via a large margin, in keeping with knowledge provided by using Fiksu. The latest knowledge — up to date Friday — displays a wide gap between iPad Air and iPad 4 adoptions, according to Fiksu “Adoption Trackers.” Fiksu samples hundreds of …

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Gadgets and gizmos for the little ones at home

Keeping your young children entertained, engaged, and safe in the home is essential and there is no shortage of gadgets and gizmos available to assist parents. In these cost conscious times the good news is that you do not have to spend huge amounts of money catering for your child’s needs. A small number of well-chosen items can be more …

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