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Comcast to buy GE’s stake in NBC for $16.7 billion


Comcast to buy GE’s stake Comcast Corp. is going to buy all of General Electric’s remaining stake in NBCUniversal for $16.7 billion, the cable giant announced today. NBCUniversal will also buy its facilities at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza and CNBC’s headquarters in New Jersey for $1.4 billion. The deal is expected to go through by the end of March. Comcast already …

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Why your business needs a Responsive Web Design?

At the time when most of the world is equipped with a smartphone, a Responsive website design is a must for your business. The usage of Smartphone’s and tablets have skyrocketed for the last two years, and as per various statistics, Internet usage on smartphone’s has surpassed the usage on its counterparts like Desktops and Laptops. Now, why should you …

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Simple but Important Cybersecurity Tips for Start-ups

Start-ups cannot be lenient or flexible when it comes to cybersecurity. Your business must be secure from the beginning in order to reduce risk for cyberattacks and build trust with new customers. Imagine being a victim of hacking when your business is just starting to take off. That’s a devastating scenario. You can drastically reduce your risk for such a …

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Two unlikely PC makers emerge: Google, Microsoft


Google & Microsoft Here’s a disruptive technology trend: Google and Microsoft as makers of personal computers. If I had tried to predict in 2010 that these two companies would make branded PCs — using PC in the generic sense — I can imagine the response. “You’re an idiot” (and the usual variations I get on that theme) come to mind. …

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Watch won’t be ‘needle-mover,’ however Apple might sell 10M in first yr

A mockup of a potential Apple watch. An Apple watch is probably not an enormous earnings booster but it could possibly nonetheless capture as many as 10 million shoppers. In accordance with a Piper Jaffrey survey of 799 US consumers, analyst Gene Munster believes Apple may sell between 5 million and 10 million smart watches throughout the initial launch 12 …

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