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Sony BRAVIA KDL-W650A LED TV The Sony brand commands a fair bit of premium when it comes to its displays. This is mostly for a good reason too, because its offerings are known to deliver that extra edge in terms of engineering and therefore, quality and performance as well. The BRAVIA KDL-W650A aims to achieve the same. This 32″ full …

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Was This The World’s First Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock?

Clock Ancient Wake Up Light Clock As long as you don’t take the sun into consideration, this 18th century contraption could very well be the world’s first alarm clock that uses light as a wake up trigger, instead of sound. Release Of Clock A spring-loaded mechanism triggered by its built-in clock releases a flint-lock that lights a pop-up candle. So if you …

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Qualcomm sued by New York state for political donation data

Qualcomm CHIP DESIGNER Qualcomm has been sued by New York’s Comptroller for information on the firm’s political donations. Qualcomm is alleged to have refused the New York State Common Retirement Fund (NYSCRF) access to data on its political donations that were made with investors’ money. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said the fund “has a right to be properly …

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Will network operators start charging for Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi no longer free? Wi-Fi is quickly becoming a key part of almost every broadband providers’ network strategy. But is the day soon coming when Wi-Fi will no longer be free? That’s a big unanswered question as operators signal they’d like to get more value out of their Wi-Fi networks. According to a recent survey from Analysys Mason, on behalf …

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Review: Brookstone Big Blue Live and Studio speakers combine performance and value

Brookstone Features Of Brookstone Brookstone may not be a name you associate with good Bluetooth speakers—or quality speakers of any type, for that matter—but the $150 Big Blue Studio and $100Big Blue Live are two well-designed Bluetooth speakers that offer surprisingly good performance, especially for the price. Both the Studio and the smaller Live are available with gloss-black or -white outer frames. (To tell them …

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