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In the Analog TV broadcasts, we see black and white dot pixel pattern on TV screens that constantly move when there is no signal. This is commonly known as the noise. Since there will be no signal at the end of the antenna port under the perfect conditions, you should see black and white dot images on the screen, depending …

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Netflix adds “Just for Kids” section to iPad app

Video streaming giant Netflix today announced that it is bringing its “Just for Kids” viewing experience to the two latest versions of the iPad, with support for the original iPad and Android tablets coming ‘later this year’. Netflix “Just for Kids” is a kid-friendly (duh) section with movies and TV shows that have been deemed appropriate for kids aged 12 …

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Google Maps, Now With More High-Res Satellite And 45° Aerial Imagery

Google Maps gets more awesome by the day. Earlier this week, the service started rolling out stunning underwater imagery- if you will, a seaview mode. Now Google took to the Google Maps blog to announces the inclusion of more high resolution images including a major build-out of 45-degree images. This update brings a lot of new data to the mapping …

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Netflix for iOS updated with iPhone 5 widescreen support

If you upgraded to the iPhone 5 and have been using Netflix, you probably noticed that widescreen movies weren’t taking full advantage of the iPhone 5?s all-new widescreen display. However, Netflix just delivered an updated iOS app that fixes that issue, as well as added overall support for iOS 6. A lot of movies and TV shows are filmed in …

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