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What should CNET Road Trip not miss in the Midwest?


Road Trip not miss in the Midwest CNET Road Trip 2013 will be starting in Chicago. If you have ideas for a great destination, you could win a prize. If you know the American Midwest like the back of your hand, I want to pick your brain. Starting around July 1, I’ll be heading out on CNET Road Trip 2013, …

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Top Three Things To Consider When Purchasing Headsets


Each and everyone has an experience when it comes to purchasing poorly-manufactured gadgets like headsets. There are just certain units that do not properly fit, produce poor quality sound, and are not comfortable when worn. Bad units can seriously ruin a splendid music or a gaming experience. On the other hand, it should be remembered that there are a good …

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A better button-down? Entrepreneur promises self-cleaning shirt


Entrepreneur promises self-cleaning shirt A new shirt being touted as “the better button-down” aims to make laundry as we know it a thing of the past. The entrepreneur behind it claims it never wrinkles and can be worn over and over, without being washed. Marketing grad Mac Bishop, 24, says his shirt not only looks good, but is soft to …

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Map shows every meteorite impact since 2,300 B.C.


Meteorite impact since 2,300 B.C. Want to find out where every meteorite recorded since 2,300 B.C. has fallen on Earth? A new map will help you out. Javier de la Torre, co-founder of software companies Vizzuality and CartoDB, has posted a heat map showing where the meteorites have fallen over the last several thousand years. According to The Verge, which …

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Going Green – A Quick Guide to Environmentally Friendly Computer Use

These days many of us are thinking about the changes we can make in our daily life to help the environment. One area of our lives that has huge potential is often sitting right in front of us – our computer use. This post doesn’t try to reiterate the argument for why people should make more environmentally conscious decisions – …

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