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Wolfenstein: The New Order set for current, next-gen consoles


Wolfenstein: The New Order A look at Wolfenstein: The New Order A new entrant in the long-loved, first-person shooter series, Wolfenstein, is coming, Bethesda Softworks announced Tuesday. Dubbed Wolfenstein: The New Order, the game will follow series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz after World War II. But there’s one problem. In the new game, the Germans have won the war, and Blazkowicz …

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Mood lighting to cook by


Mood lighting to cook Dining can be a delicate thing. Finding the right balance of flavors and ingredients can be tricky, but the meal is only half the story. Surrounding whatever food is on the plate, of course, is the environment. The setting could be anything from the soft glow of a candlelight dinner to the bright glare of a …

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Smart spoon helps stabilize Parkinson’s tremors


Carry Labs designed its spoon for folk living with Parkinson’s, very important tremor, and associated issues. For many people living with Parkinson’s disease, the mere act of chewing and swallowing can be a challenge. One solution to maintain that is to blend foods up to decrease the wish to chunk. however what if it is difficult only bringing the spoon …

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DARPA robot hand picks up keys, 50-pound weights


DARPA robot hand picks up keys Forget the pitcher: The prototype hand, developed by iRobot, can take a licking. Mimicking the human grasp is no easy feat. Robotic hands tend to be clunky and expensive. But now, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is showing off a robotic hand that’s dexterous enough to pick up keys and tough enough to …

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The Making Of: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


The Making Of: Star Wars There’s only one way to start this story. A long time ago, in a videogame universe far, far away, there was a videogame console called the Atari VCS. Upon its release, thirdparty licensing deals did not exist, meaning that there was just one company that initially programmed games for Atari’s console: Atari. It was a …

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