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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to get Vengeance DLC on July 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Activision has announced the release date for its next DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Dubbed Vengeance, the DLC will be hitting the Xbox 360 first on July 2. It will be released on other platforms—the PlayStation 3 and PC—around a week later. Vengeance takes players to four diverse locations around the globe, …

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Avengers Alliance assembles on Android

Android users can now shout “Avengers, gather!” as they group up with Iron Man, Captain the use, Thor, and different mighty heroes in a free journey recreation. Formerly available only for iOS and fib users, Avengers Alliance launched on Thursday by way of Google Play. The sport signs you up as a new shield agent able to undercover agent and …

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Microsoft limits Xbox Live users’ curse words

The Xbox One’s controller. As Xbox players battled each other, importing videos showcasing conquests and recording trash speaking during the last couple of days, some gamers noticed that they lost their Xbox are living account privileges. What offers? It seems that, Microsoft has cracked down on the usage of expletives in its add Studio movies. “Extreme profanity and different Code …

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The Most Popular and Fun Card Games to Play

Introduction In the world that we currently enjoy living in, online gaming is slowly to be one of the most frequently practiced activities and is taking up a variety of forms. By doing so, people get to choose a category which they enjoy playing and most importantly winning. There are a wide number of casinos which provide subscribers and gamers …

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Microsoft’s chilling, charming ‘walking dead’ advert

Sure, again from the lifeless. Or something. I to find the rotting undead far extra frightening to have a look at than a protective lineman or an unadorned personal part. I could, due to this fact, have been one of the crucial fourteen (Technically flawed estimate) people who neglected the choicest of AMC’s “The walking useless.” However, Microsoft made up …

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