Wednesday , January 11 2017
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The Mk3 vary Rover used to be a game changer

It might put on a stern appear as it ebbed down a red carpet, a perky smile whereas it did the day-to-day drudgery, and finally it might grin like a loon the moment you showed it a muddy, rutted off-highway playpen. It can be an automotive that’d be at liberty and in a position to tackle literally anything else you’ll …

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Zombie Studios explains Daylight’s procedural levels and gameplay

Zombie Studios explains Daylight’s procedural levels Zombie Studios has revealed more information about its upcoming game—Daylight—which is set to be one of the first games to run on Epic’s next-gen Unreal Engine 4. In the game, players will take the role of a woman who wakes up in an abandoned asylum and has amnesia. To aid her, she has a …

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Microsoft researches gesture-controls on PCs using Kinect

Microsoft’s research division likes to do moderately a few projects with the movement-sensing digital Kindest. In line with The Verge, the company has printed its newest research undertaking: the power to make use of Insect’s gesture technology on home windows. It really works with the aid of mounting the Kindest above the computer, which lets the camera notice gestures above …

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Humble Bundle with Android 6 now available

Humble Bundle with Android 6 now available The folks over at Humble Bundle have kicked off the latest bundle. This time, along with the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the games, you’ll also get the Android versions. Dubbed the Humble Bundle with Android 6, it includes Aquaria, Fractal: Make Blooms Not War, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, Stealth Bastard Deluxe …

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Introducing A Great Browser Game

There are many things that make this game unique. One is the gameplay and another is the choice that the game gives you. The game gives you the choice to play with different aliens throughout the different stages of the game. The character selection that is available extends beyond just appearance. The characters also have different skill sets which will …

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