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Microsoft pens playful doctor’s note for Xbox One gamers

Planning to take Friday off to play with your new Xbox One? Microsoft has posted a physician’s notice that might just convince a game-loving service provider to provide you with a spoil. As the next-technology Xbox One preps to sail into retailers on Friday, hot on the heels of Sony’s new playstation 4, Microsoft is likely anticipating and definitely hoping …

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Humble Origin Bundle includes EA’s AAA titles, makes $6.9 million

Humble Origin Bundle includes EA’s AAA title Just last week, EA collaborated with the folks over at Humble Bundle to bring us the Humble Origin Bundle. The bundle features some of EA’s best selling games, including Dead Space, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Mirror’s Edge and Medal of Honor. Paying over the average, …

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Xbox One controller to get PC support in 2014

Xbox One controller to get PC support The Xbox 360 controller is a part of any gamer’s arsenal, even if they’re PC gamers. Microsoft hopes to repeat that success with the Xbox One controller. The company revealed to CVG that the Xbox One controller will support PC games some time in 2014. Sadly enough, though, no specific time frame has …

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Sony announces free PlayStation Plus games for July

Sony announces free PlayStation Plus games Sony has announced the next line-up of free titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the official PlayStation Blog. Coming to the Instant Game Collection in July are Battlefield 3, Payday: The Heist and Saints Row: The Third on the PlayStation 3, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Unit 13 on the PlayStation Vita. Battlefield …

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Xbox, can you hear me now? One requires repetition

Like a stubborn member of the family or insubordinate employee, Xbox One owners would possibly want to tell their fancy new console what to do more than once. In flashy classified ads that started out airing final week to promote Microsoft’s upcoming video game gadget, an array of customers verbally command their Xbox Ones to do stuff like answer a …

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