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Xbox, can you hear me now? One requires repetition

Like a stubborn member of the family or insubordinate employee, Xbox One owners would possibly want to tell their fancy new console what to do more than once. In flashy classified ads that started out airing final week to promote Microsoft’s upcoming video game gadget, an array of customers verbally command their Xbox Ones to do stuff like answer a …

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DICE kicks off Alpha Trial for Battlefield 4

DICE kicks off Alpha Trial for Battlefield 4 The alpha trial for Battlefield 4 has kicked off and will go on till July 1, according to a screenshot posted by MP1st. The hardware requirements for the Alpha Trial of the game have also been revealed. As of yet, the game seems to be pretty unoptimised, which is especially evident from …

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Why Xbox One, PS4 price cuts aren’t coming until 2015

These conserving out for a cheaper next-gen console come next yr may wish to rethink their timeline for making the plunge. The ps4 and Xbox One launches have given Sony and Microsoft a definitive and reassuring resolution to the demand question mark looming over high-finish front room gaming. That implies that unless one starts to aggressively undercut the other, we …

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Microsoft eyes November 8 launch date for Xbox One — report

Microsoft may soon announce that the Xbox One will beat the PlayStation 4 out the door. The company has yet to announce when the Xbox One can be on hand, but Microsoft may just come to a decision to launch the high-powered console on November 8, gaming site Kotuku reported on Monday, citing an individual who has knowledge of Microsoft’s …

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Microsoft expects to make a profit with Xbox One launch

Microsoft is anticipating a fairly unconventional factor: that it’ll spoil even, and even make a profit, with the launch gross sales of the Xbox One. Precedent goes towards the corporate, because the neither the unique Xbox nor the Xbox 360 may even spoil even at launch. in step with Games Industry, Xbox’s Yusuf Midi mentioned all the way through the …

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