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XBMC on Android may soon be coming to a set-top box near you

Android Android Every wear  Set-top boxes are everywhere these days. Companies like Apple, Roku, and Boxee all have their own devices for streaming video to your television with just an Internet connection. But what if you didn’t need to purchase that little device to get all of your content? What if you could just repurpose an old Android device? The team at XBMC has been …

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Secret HTC-Apple Settlement Might Not Be Quite So Secret

Secret Last Month Secret Of HTC & Apple Last month, HTC and Apple decided to play nice when they reached a settlement over a patent licence. While Apple was forced to tell Samsung how much that deal was worth, it thought the rest of the case was secret — but it turns out that might not quite be the case. The Secret policies Of HTC & Apple …

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Motorola RAZR M Review: The Almost-Nexus Is Almost Good

RAZR M  The way Motorola has been carrying on since it was bought by Google, you’d think it was God’s gift to the smartphone industry. It’s promising the “best of Google” despite the fact that it’s not offering a Nexus-branded handset any time soon. This is what happens, then, when a manufacturer sets out to go it alone on making …

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SwiftKey Aware Of Android 4.2 Issue, Working With Android Team To Resolve

Android 4.2 Users Of Android 4.2 Many users on Android 4.2 using the popular keyboard app SwiftKey, have been reporting issues with the app. Some of these issues include the keyboard disappearing entirely from devices after the upgrading to the next level of Jelly Bean, Android 4.2. With SwiftKey being such a widely used application, this has been a huge nuisance …

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One All-New Angry Birds Seasons Level Out Each Day Until Christmas

Angry Birds Finally Angry Birds Thanks to Rovio, Christmas is finally here for Angry Birds Seasons with a brand new update! Christmas lands on the 25th of December, so until then, Rovio will be unlocked one new level until the 25th. That equals a total of 25 levels, as this was just introduced yesterday, December 1st. With the update, players will …

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