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Nokia completes Vertu sale – but will Vertu go Android?

Nokia As Nokia continues to restructure itself into a leaner, more efficient operation, the divestment of its non-core assets has been a key component of this process. Recently, the company confirmed plans to sell off and then lease back its global headquarters in Espoo, Finland – potentially raising over $300m – as it seeks every potential opportunity to top up its dwindling …

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IPad 5, iPhone 5S to power Apple’s vacation season — file

Apple’s iPhone 5S is considerably outpacing the iPhone 5C in sales, and at least one analyst believes that trend will continue into the holiday season. The iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C at a ratio of two.5-to-1, Can accord Genius analyst Michael Walleye wrote in a observe to investors on Wednesday. That news is obviously excellent for Apple, which …

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Liveblog: BlackBerry 10 launch event starts 10 a.m. EST on January 30

RIM is set to unveil not only a new operating system, but two new handsets to potentially carry the company into a new age. It all goes down at an event in New York City this Wednesday when the BlackBerry 10 OS will officially debut. And with the release, RIM will attempt to step to iOS and Android—the mobile platforms outpacing it …

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Stock android its almost perfect except for a few quirks

ANDROID Android during the Gingerbread phase was considered to be slow, laggy and badly designed. Ice Cream Sandwich changed that. All of that. Then came Jellybean, blowing everyone’s mind with Google Now. Now here’s the thing, though the actual or stock versions of ICS and Jellybean are good, the skinned versions like Touchwiz, Sense or Motoblur are just inferior. Recently, …

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How These 5 Mobile Apps Will Help You Enhance Your Revenue

Dominos, an august food brand known for its quirky marketing campaigns, increased its sales by 19% through its website and mobile app. The gross revenue made through mobile apps is projected to cross the bar of $76.52B in 2017 Gone are the days when mobile apps were just for fun and games, today over 71% of the marketers believe that mobile …

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