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Nokia Lumia 520 : One of the best budget phones around

Nokia Lumia 520 We get our mitts on Nokia’s affordable new smartphone, which battles budget Android. When Nokia first unveiled its Nokia Lumia 520 this past February, the Windows Phone proved that Nokia could achieve new lows. That’s only when it comes to price, though, not features. As CNET UK discovered while fully reviewing the Lumia 520, Nokia has managed …

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Nokia to invest in array camera start-up Pelican Imaging

Nokia to invest in array camera This is what an array camera looks like on a smartphone. Nokia’s VC arm, Nokia Growth Partners, is set to invest in an imaging start-up. According to Bloomberg, Nokia Growth Partners plans to put funds into array camera company Pelican Imaging. Based in Mountain View, Calif., Pelican Imaging created its first array camera for …

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Nokia patent suggests adjustable aperture for smartphone cameras

Nokia patent suggests adjustable aperture Smartphone cameras have come a long way and could very well replace point-and-shoot handheld cameras in the coming years. But right now the amount of control a photographer has with a smartphone camera is pitiful. All that could change as a patent awarded to Nokia hints at adjustable aperture settings for smartphone cameras.   The …

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Nokia to slash over 1,100 IT jobs

Nokia Nokia today announced that it was cutting over 1,100 IT jobs from its workforce. News Of Nokia Slashing Jobs The company says that it will lay off 300 employees currently working in an IT function. Nokia will also transfer up to 820 employees to IT services firms, HCL Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services. Nokia announced in June that it …

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Former Nokia CEO launches Newkia; to make Android phones

Ever. thought how a Nokia-branded Android phone could be? Nokia enthusiasts who wished the company to embody Android would to find this piece of news interesting. The Finnish firm’s former Asia-Pacific CEO Thomas Zilliacus has based an organization called Newbie, and hopes to constructed Android telephones that Nokia wouldn’t. yes, that’s what they plan to name the corporate. Nokia didn’t …

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