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Embrace Better Security Features on Your iPhone Device

Apple is a leading mobile technology provider that is reputed for the security features of their iPhone devices. Mobile users always give high respect to the company because of their stringent standards that make their phone’s security features one of the best in the industry. If you are an iPhone user, you may not know what security features your device …

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iPhone 5 Has 1GB of RAM !

On Wednesday, Apple announced the iPhone 5. The new iPhone offers some incredible new improvements including the use of a new A6 processor. It has been widely rumored that Apple would increase the RAM in the new iPhone from 512MB to 1GB, but there wasn’t any confirmation. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 both offer 512MB RAM. iFan first posted confirmation that …

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How To Maintain Your iPad

The iPad, though an evolution of the basic computer system in its own right, is just like a computer in that it requires periodic maintenance in order to keep it running at the level that you expect from it. Although we might think that the iPad is an indestructible piece of rectangular technology that we can simply pick up and …

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Apple’s Siri gets new voices, display, and actions

Apple’s Siri gets new voices, display, and actions Apple unveiled on Monday a new look for Siri that came with new voice options, actions, and some hot integration, including in-car options and music streaming. Apple’s Siri The voice command technology has new voices, female and male — also available in French and German. Siri’s display includes a new look that …

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Four iPhone Apps Every Business Owner Needs for Enhancing Communications

If you are a business owner, you know how difficult it can be running a company especially from the ground up. Thanks to technological advances in mobile communications, you can access the proper tools to enhance your business communications. There are many business apps available and new ones popping up every day. There are applications created to foster greater productivity …

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