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iOS hacker Pod2g launches PodDJ for iPad

If you’re familiar with jailbreaking, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with iOS hacker extraordinaire Pod2g, who’s responsible for the Absinth 2.0 release for iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 back in May — his most recent endeavor. However, he’s been focusing on a slightly different area of iOS, and that’s app development. Pod2g released PodDJ today for the iPad.   We’ve seen …

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Are you an Android user envying iOS 7? There’s a skin for that

Are you an Android user envying iOS 7? The jbOS7 theme for Android brings the look of Apple’s iOS 7 to Google’s mobile operating system. Android users who want to see if the grass really is greener on the Apple side of the fence now can try out the new color scheme debuting in iOS 7. A theme called jbOS7 …

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How To Cover Your Apple Device From iCloudHack ?

What is cloud storage? The conception of storing a particularly huge quantity of knowledge that is safe, secure and at an equivalent time doable|is feasible} to share among your colleagues and friends was much impractical till it in an exceedingly previous few years it absolutely was created possible.Thanks to the advancement in technology that much brought the conception of cloud …

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Anki slot cars controlled by iOS

Anki slot cars controlled by iOS Boris Sofman demonstrates his Anki Drive slot car game at WWDC 2013. At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomed Boris Sofman onto the stage to show off a slot car demonstration. More than just a game, the slot cars, controlled by iOS, serve as a proof-of-concept for artificial intelligence technology …

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A Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4S

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was unveiled at the beginning of the month. Yesterday, Samsung announced the official launch of Galaxy S3 in India. The phone has been highly anticipated. The initial price was revealed to be Rs. 43,180. That price seemed a tad to high and lately most online retail websites are showing the prices as Rs. 38,900/- Specs Usually I …

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