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Can a person truly be defined by the type of smartphone they use? It may seem shallow and even ridiculous to consider that there might be two differing types of people out there simply characterised by nothing more than a mobile phone but there are interesting differences between Android fans and those who choose to follow Apple. There are cat …

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The Best Balanced SIM-Only Contracts for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Have you caught the iPhone 6 fever that’s spreading across the world? With six new versions of the latest iPhone 6 now on the market, you definitely should consider either upgrading or buying your first iPhone ever. The choice shouldn’t be made impulsively, though, as you first need to determine what you expect from a mobile phone and also, which …

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The Big Differences Between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

If you’re considering upgrading your smartphone and you’re already using the iPhone 5S, or if you’re considering getting the 5S at a lower price now that Apple has announced the release of its two newest models, you should be aware of the major differences between the 5S and the 6. How do they compare with one another, and what do …

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8 features we want to see in Apple iOS 8

Apple Inc. is continuously updating its iOS operating system for iPad, iPod and iPhone categories. It started with the first version of iOS in June 29th, 2007 and later on in iOS 5 it was known to have featured with a USB connection to iTunes useful for activating iOS devices. Most recent update being recorded is iOS 7.1 with improved …

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3 Ways to Secure Your Business iPhone

Bring Your Own Device has nearly permeated modern business culture, as remote and office-based workers use their own technology to conduct business. However, this can open you and your company up to a number of security risks, especially since these devices will be used beyond of the company walls for tasks that are personal and work-related. There are ways that …

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