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Max Payne for mobile available at iOS App Store

The original Max Payne is now all set for use in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. The game has already won awards and is acclaimed critically. The game has been released on the iOS App Store for just $ 2.99. Max Payne received such fame in field because it provides the players with a feeling of watching an action movie which …

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iPhone 5 rated 5th in U.S. user satisfaction

iPhone 5 rated 5th in U.S. The iPhone 5 trailed four Android phones for user satisfaction, according to a new report out today. Conducted by mobile research firm OnDevice Research, the poll asked 320,000 smartphone and tablet users in six countries how satisfied they were with their devices. Among the 93,825 people surveyed in the U.S., Motorola’s Atrix HD came …

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What does the situation of iPhone5S mean to The Apple Inc ?

Apple products have been the focus these times and people are eager to see the new products released by Apple Inc especially after Steve Jobs the Ceo of Apple Inc can not be there any more. Without Jobs, the Apple team has proved to the public that they can still develop the latest Apple item such as the iPhone5S. Not …

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Access hidden function key options in OS X

Function key options in OS X The standard F1 through F12 function keys in OS X by default are set to change a number of common system settings, including audio volume, backlight and brightness levels, and media player controls. Convenient as this is, sometimes their default behaviors can be intrusive or too crude for your needs. For example, if your …

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