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Gameloft introduces Duo Gamer; Bluetooth gamepad for iOS devices

Gameloft and Duo Games have partnered to launch an iOS game controller accessory which should facilitate a more console like experience on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The controller, called the Duo Gamer, connects over Bluetooth and is equipped with analogue sticks, a D-Pad and six buttons. The controller comes with a handy stand in which you can plug …

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Undercover cops’ devious new method to stop iPhone theft

New method to stop iPhone theft It’s a drug? If a man in a bar offers you a laptop for $70, you know it’s probably stolen. Yes, he might be wearing glasses and look a little like Bill Gates, but, please think, it’s probably stolen. Similarly, if someone tries to sell you an iPhone for a radically reduced amount, suspicion …

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Apple Denied Permanent Sales Ban On Samsung Devices

  Apple Though Apple won a fresh billion dollars in the US patent infringement case, Apple won’t be able to kill Samsung products dead. Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge that presided over Apple v Samsung, has denied Apple a permanent injunction against Samsung. Samsung can still sell the products that infringed on Apple’s patents. Tried Of Apple Along with that order, …

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iPhone users, U.K. carrier report bugs after iOS 6.1 upgrade

iOS 6.1 upgrade If you haven’t yet, you might want to hold off on upgrading your iPhone to iOS 6.1 for a bit. We’re seeing reports from a number of users who’ve upgraded their iPhones and then suddenly had them start to behave like Boeing’s troubled 787 Dreamliner, suffering from battery issues that include overheating and shorter charge life. Numerous …

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Is it time to ditch the iPhone for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

 iPhone for the Samsung Galaxy S4 There is no question that Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones are giving Apple’s iPhone a run for its money. In fact, some loyal iPhone fans, disappointed with the incremental updates in the iPhone 5, already are looking for something new. Smartphone aficionados agree that when it comes to innovation, Samsung has surpassed Apple. The …

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