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  • 31 December

    Mac Mini Review

    First impressions What sets the Mac mini apart from every other computer is its size. At just 5 cm (2 inches) high, and 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) square, its dimensions are remarkable. When compared to the bulky horizontal cases and towers of so many similarly priced machines, the Mac mini …

  • 26 December

    Mac Or PC

    For the longest time, people would just walk into a computer store and buy a PC because that is what everyone else seemed to be using. With the success of the iPod, people are beginning to take notice of Apple and their very eye catching products. Now there seems to …

  • 24 December

    Mac Mini User Guide

    Basic features On the front of your Mac mini is a slot-loading optical drive. The built-in infrared (IR) receiver lies to the right of the slot, and the power indicator light is at the bottom right-hand corner. At the back of the Mac mini, you have two rows of features. …

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