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Your favorite e-cigs all in one location

Ecigs are very popular today for a variety of reasons from a stop smoking aid to still enjoying smoking without all the harmful chemicals added to tobacco. The problem in most cases is that even those that enjoy ecigs, they may prefer more than one brand for different reasons such as the throat hit or the various flavors available. This …

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Expert Tips on How to Use Hair Fibers to Conceal Hair Loss

If you have thinning hair and are looking for a way to look youthful again, you can find the solution with hair building fibers. These fibers are made from the same protein that is found in your hair known as keratin. These fibers are known for their strength as well as their natural static charge, which creates a magnetic effect …

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High 5 health blunders clever women make

Top 5 health errors Washing drugs down with the wrong drink Why it is bad: Taking pills with grapefruit juice can raise the potency of some drugs, inflicting unpredictable unwanted side effects. Alcohol can heighten the effects of napping drugs and result in stomach bleeding in people who take anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin. Easy solution: Consultant pharmacist Nargis Ara says: …

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Bariatric surgery: A field surrounded by myths

When the first weight loss surgeries were performed, there was certainly a lot of skepticism surrounding them. Few could believe that a person’s weight would be managed much more easily via a relatively simple procedure. Suffice to say, people now understand these procedures much more. Many realize that the best bariatric surgery can have life changing results – and it’s …

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The most common uses for ECGs dissected

In cardiovascular medicine, few medical experts would disagree that the ECG is one of the most used and effective tests around. While some tests are not suited to certain types of patients, the ECG is something that can be used on the vast majority of people who require one. The fact there are so many different types of ECG electrodes …

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