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A Patient’s Guide to Informed Consent

Seeking medical treatment for a range of health issues is often a daunting process. Without in-depth knowledge of the terms used in the medical field, it can be challenging to fully understand options for care. Although there are several buzzwords and confusing jargon swirling around doctor’s offices and hospitals, there is one which warrants additional attention. Informed consent is part …

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Turning 30? Watch for These Three Health Conditions

The phrase, 30 is the new 20, is becoming more relevant each year. Many people are deferring common goals of past generations, including investing in a home or having children, to pursue higher education, better work opportunities, travel, and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Stepping into the third decade of life, then, comes with several changes, not only a personal or professional …

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3 Top Ball Games for Children Living With Disability

You cannot exclude kids who live with disability in the game or play. Ball games assist children to improve their hand-eye coordination and develop gross motor skills. Rolling, passing, catching, and throwing a ball improves the muscle control of the child and promotes balance. Disabled children can adapt almost any form of childhood ballgames such as keep-away and basketball. Here …

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Fasting like a pro: how to do without food for prolonged periods

Looking to cleanse your spirit in 2017? Have a cause that needs to be brought to the attention of the world? By engaging in a fast, both of these objectives can be achieved. Many spiritual leaders (such as Prophet TB Joshua) have engaged in this practice before, so know that you are far from the first person to think about …

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Benefits of claiming compensation for medical negligence:

Specific steps are required in order to avoid becoming a casualty of medical negligence. The internet is one of the most essential tools and also there are certain things to consider with the help of such tool. The views and opinions have been posted via internet and there is no proper scientific evidence related to this medical negligence. But if …

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