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Glow with strawberries


Glow with strawberries If you thought strawberries were meant for dressing salads or to be had at Wimbledon, think again! It’s time you became of this fruit for it nourishing, rejuvenating and moisturising capabilities. Veethi tells you how strawberries can benefit your skin. A bag full of Vitamin C Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C which plays a …

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The well-groomed traveller


The well-groomed traveller Your skin needs special care post sun exposure. Apeksha tells you how to prep yourself beforehand with our travel skin care beauty guide just for you. Don’t sweat it Dirt and perspiration during the summer make it more challenging to achieve a clean, glowing face. However, home remedies are an easy way to get rid of the …

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Hcg Diet Physicians Deliver The Best In Weight Loss To You!

Every solitary fist of protein is going to wind up becoming around one hundred-150 calories, and the same for the vegetables. This means I can guesstimate your calorie consumption by telling you to do the over fist-dimension meals parts, and in this case four meals x three hundred to 400 calories for each food equals 1,two hundred to 1,600 complete …

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Beauty and the beach


Beauty and the beach Your best features highlighted, eyes made up perfectly and loads of attitude, is all you need to look drop-dead gorgeous at the beach! Apeksha gives you tips. Divine bronze hottie! Want to look tanned and radiant at the beach this summer? The Lakmé Absolute Sun Kissed Bronzer is just the product for you. Highlight your cheeks, …

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Gipsy made Boots – a must have in your wardrobe


We all love out boots. Apart from the stilettos, ballerinas, flat heels and sneakers, no wardrobe is complete without that quintessential pair of boots. In fact, a UK based company has been making the most of this with a trendsetting display of unique handmade leather boots. With businesses in England and Wales, Gipsy Dharma Limited is an all-boot store that …

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