Capture Spectacular Drone Photos with These Tips

Drones are not only getting more affordable but are also equipped with better cameras these days. The DJI Phantom 3 could capture 12-megapixel RAW stills with some minor shortcomings. The newer Phantom 4 and the highly portable DJI Mavic Pro are even better. There are also other brands and models of drones you can use to capture amazing photos.

Capture Spectacular

You can take your drone photography prowess to the next level by applying the right techniques and tricks. In this article, we will review some of the best tips that will help you capture spectacular drone photos.

Explore Unusual Angles

Drone cameras usually have a wide-angle lens with a profound depth of field to get an entire landscape or cityscape in focus without a problem. The wide-angle lens lends itself beautifully to creative points of view and compositions.

Instead of keeping the camera facing the horizon, you can take an aerial photo with the camera pointing downwards. Whether you capture a city with heavy traffic or a dense forest with pine trees filling the space, a top-down angle is worth trying.

Shoot RAW

Speaking of the RAW capabilities of newer drones, you can capture better photos by using the format instead of sticking with JPEG. The uncompressed nature of RAW photos gives you more leeway in post. You can push shadows and pull highlights to achieve a faux HDR look. You can also deal with noise and correct white balance better when you shoot RAW.


Add Action

Did you know that drone racing videos are among the most popular drone videos today? The action-packed drone racing videos attract many viewers. You can add the same action-packed look to your drone photos.

Switch to Manual mode and lower the shutter speed to around 1/15. Move your drone in one direction and start taking pictures. The camera will capture movement in slight motion blur, which makes the photo more dynamic.

More with Slow Shutter

Modern drones also come equipped with capable gimbals. A gimbal stabilizes the drone’s camera using a series of electric motors to hold the camera in place. Gimbals have gotten so good that you can now take slow-shutter photos from the sky.

Use a slow shutter to achieve that smooth look when photographing waves or moving traffic. You can also use slow shutter speed to capture the motion of moving clouds and create a more dramatic result.

Post-Process Your Photos

Despite the improving cameras, drone photos can benefit from some post-processing. Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom is the software; the latter is great for processing RAW images from your drone.

Post-processing gives you more control over the look of the photos. You can boost saturation, eliminate artifacts, deal with noise, and even combine multiple exposures into a real HDR photo with a high dynamic range.

These are the tips to try if you are serious about capturing spectacular drone photos. We still have more information to share, so stay tuned for more updates on Creative Overflow.

Share Your Photos

Once your photo has been edited, it’s time to share it. Options include Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Also, several websites are specifically for sharing drone videos that also accept aerial photography uploads.

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