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Canceled Star Wars games revealed

New record finds cross-platform multiplayer game Smuggler, FarmVille-esque Outpost, and iOS recreation death famous person.

In the wake of Lucas Arts’ closure previous this yr, new details on canceled big name Wars initiatives have come to gentle. Kotuku reports lately, citing quite a lot of sources aware of the matter, that the studio canned more than one games in plenty of genres.

One of the initiatives used to be Smuggler, a move-platform multiplayer sport that was reportedly going to permit users to play as a customizable persona throughout the big name Wars universe, “smuggling and buying and selling between fib, drugs, and consoles.”

Every other reportedly canceled sport was once Outpost, a celeb Wars version of Zing’s in style social sport Farmville, allowing gamers to construct empires. A 3rd sport–loss of life superstar for iOS–used to be to place gamers in regulate of the Empire’s iconic hulking house ship, though no different small print had been provided.

Along with canceled video games, Lucas Arts used to be reportedly planning to launch its personal spin on electronic Arts’ download service foundation. This Lucas Arts-owned network was mentioned to be planned as a method to help the studio distribute megastar Wars video games and assist in the completion of in-app purchases.

One supply stated this provider was scheduled to launch alongside star Wars: First Assault, the up to now printed multiplayer-focused online sport, which would have incorporated a micro transaction store of some kind.

These video games were all linked as section of a larger Lucas Arts ecosystem ahead of being canceled, individuals with information of the subject stated. Cancellations are usually not peculiar within the industry, but Lucas Arts reportedly canceled games that had been virtually achieved. For instance, Kotuku studies that death superstar and Outpost had already gone through QA testing when they have been canned.

“Tasks get canceled all the time,” one supply said. “You’d hope that your course of can establish downside projects ahead of they’re completed.”

Additionally in the report, it was once revealed that a Day of the Tentacle remake was once in construction. Though it used to be supposedly by no means formally green lit, one particular person conversant in the sport said it was once 80 % complete.