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Come to Byron Bay, Australia Where the Pacific Ocean and the Rainforest Meet

Byron Bay is located in the northeast portion of New South Wales, Australia. On the eastern side of the town lies the Pacific Ocean and in the west lies the subtropical rainforest. What makes the area particularly attractive is the temperate climate, the abundance of sunshine and the very relaxed atmosphere.

There are countless activities that can be enjoyed during your visit to Byron Bay. To fit in as many fantastic activities as possible during your stay you can visit one of the car hire locations for a car to get around in for the day or for your entire stay. Plan what you would like to do and see ahead of time so you don’t waste a minute. Then hop in the car for a vacation of a lifetime.

There are a multitude of the exciting and interesting ventures and sights to see in Byron Bay. For instance, there is hot air ballooning, sky diving, hang gliding, bush walking and backpacking. You can also relax on a beach, surf, sail, kayak, snorkel or scuba dive.

One of the top attractions is the Byron Bay Lighthouse where you can see spectacular, panoramic views of the rainforest and ocean. Many times whales and dolphins can be seen as you view the ocean, particularly from around May to November when humpback whales make their yearly migration through the area.

Byron Bay has many national parks and state conservation areas where you can swim, fish, picnic, walk or simply enjoy nature. You won’t want to miss seeing some of the wildlife and birds that are indigenous to Australia like the long-nosed potoroo, red-legged pademelon and pied currawongs. A few of the parks are Nightcap National Park, Mount Warning National Park, Mooball National Park, and Cape Byron State Conservation Area. There is also a marine park called Cape Byron Marine Park where you can see a variety of marine life.

There are various museums, art galleries and markets to check out. The Byron Bay Community Market covers several acres and is held on the first Sunday of every month throughout the year and, additionally, every third Sunday in the months of December and January. There is fresh local produce, food stalls with tasty delights, handcrafted items created out of natural and unusual area materials, and much more.

A car hire is a wonderful option for getting around Byron Bay easily and conveniently to help you make your most of your visit.