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Buying On Tradus Save Money the Right Way

In India, almost every city has a tiny lane with small pokey shops that sell “imported stuff.” If you search hard enough, the shanty stalls usually have wonderful mobiles, beautiful clothes and lovely shoes sold at cutthroat rates. Locals, who knew the shop owners, usually heavily patronized these markets. This means they also know where to find the best products at the most affordable rates. With the right contacts, you can get everything at these local markets, from imported nail cutters to imported appliances, bake ware and even chocolates – provided you know the lingo and the right person. The only truism at the market was, protect your wallet and bargain until you die, to get the best rates. I have fond memories of the local market in Mumbai and quite a few of my prized collections are from the market. However, that all changed with the Internet.

shopping online moneyShopping Online

The Internet made it easy to shop online at whatever rate you wanted and in any country. In fact, pointed out that good websites listed goods from halfway across the world, and you could choose items you wanted and have them shipped directly to your home. Courier services packed and delivered most small imported items like chocolates and perfumes and delivered them to your home, at no extra charge. Large trade websites like Tradus capitalized on this craze for quality goods and stocked unique products at affordable rates. I had never used the website previously, but after using it twice, I came away impressed, thanks to a few tips.

  • Step One– I started by opening an account at the website. I already knew that having my own account would help me save money and it would ensure that I was eligible for a loyalty program.
  • Step Two– by previous experience, I knew that almost every online shopping website had tie-ups with leading couponing websites on the internet, and Tradus was no different. After searching through a few couponing websites offering Tradus coupons, I narrowed down to a site which had a hostof discount codes and promotions available for Tradus. I copy, pasted these coupon codes on to a Word document just to ensure that they were ready when I decided to shop.
  • Step Three – Browse categories to find what you want. The website has more than 20,000 products in over 50 categories and you can buy almost anything you want. However, I wanted a tablet and I was very surprised at the quality of goods offered. Ultimately, I decided on the Adcom tablet for Rs 5000, which I thought was quite affordable. I added the product to the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. That’s when it got interesting.
  • Step Four – The checkout page had a clear box where I was prompted for a Tradus Coupon. At that point, I just pulled out the coupon codes I had pasted on the Word document and looked at what I had. Most of the coupons were for 25% discounts on electronic goods, for free shipping, for 15% discounts on clothing and so on. The only coupon that seemed appropriate was the 25% discount coupon. I entered it into the coupon code box and the price reflected the discount immediately. After shipping and handling, the tablet eventually cost me just Rs 3750 which was very good.
  • Step Five – I went back and checked my account again after purchasing the tablet and I found that it had been credited with 50 loyalty points that could redeem for freebies and offers. I came away impressed with my shopping and happy.

Big Savings through the App, Too

As points out, Tradus is now actively promoting its mobile shopping app to customers. In fact, customers who purchasebig-ticket items like TV, sound systems, mobiles and laptops through their mobile app could get discounts of up to 50% or more. Plus, Tradus almost always gives away its coupons to third party websites for almost every product. The reason?More eyes on the coupons. It still helps convince customers to shop with them. As a result, there were plenty of other coupons available online I could have used to get an even bigger discount on my product, as The Economic Times points out.

Consider Some Advice ….

  • Check around on as many websites as possible to collect coupons before shopping.
  • Watch out for the popups and make sure you have them copied on a Word doc.
  • Be aware of current deals and discounts or wait for the clearance sale before going shopping.