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There is a trend going on for launching Startup company nowadays. I have been hearing the buzz a lot on social media. Most of the startups fail, and a very few succedd because of their hard work, passion, and extra-ordinary ideas.

Steve Blank terms a Startup company, as “a startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model”.

Startups are comparatively new companies that try to establish itself in the market to find a sustainable business model. Therefore, marketing and promotion can play a huge role in the success of such Startups.

When it comes to online marketing and promotion, you may not forget the Social Media because most of the online audience hang out on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Instagram is one such service, but that is not available as a website rather it is available in the form of a mobile app that offers photo-video sharing and social media services as well. It is quite different from other social media services, as you cannot post links everywhere to promote your products or services. You can only post text, photos, and videos for your followers and other Instagram users.

Instagram can be a great platform to build a solid brand for your Startup. Startups are comparatively new and get started from scratch, thus, building a good brand online is utmost important. Instagram is the perfect place for it because as per the study by, Instagram posts are getting 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120% more engagement per follower than Twitter.The more engagement you receive on your posts, the more your brand gets promoted.

Below are a few ways to promote your Startup on Instagram

# Create your own hashtag

Use ofhashtags matters a lot on Instagram because a study says that posts that use hashtags get more engagement than the posts that don’t. You should also use trending hashtags in your posts for broader reach. But, the most important thing is to establish your own hashtag that relates to your Startup and ask your followers to use the same as well. The more your established hashtag will be promoted, the more your brand will be promoted.

# Post self-explanatory visual content

You cannot paste links in Instagram posts. Thus, it is very important for you to create the visual content in a way that portrays your Startup in most creative way. So that when users view them, they get engaged and connected.

# Build Instagram followers

Now this is the most important thing to care about because if there are no audience connected to your profile, then who is going to view or engage with your posts?

The best and quickest way to get a huge number of high-quality followers is to buy them. Yes, you heard right! Buy relevant followers from some good vendor.

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The market is very competitive so you may not like to wait for getting followers gradually when you are getting high-quality followersatlow prices.

# Share user generated content

Most of the Startups make a mistake of sharing content only about their brand. This doesn’t interest other people most of thetimes. Therefore, you must share user-generated content as well to diversify your Instagram timeline. Also, when you share others’ content, they will take aninterest in sharing your posts as well, and that helps your posts go viral sometimes.


Instagram is one of the best platforms for Startups to promote them because engagement is comparatively better on it than other social sharing and photo-video sharing sites. The most important thing you need to keep in mind that you need huge follower base to get most out of Instagram.

Therefore, implementing above-mentioned ideas to power your startup with Instagram.