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image Selecting the best shed to buy can be quite a daunting process. There really is such a wide variety available in terms of size, shape, colour style and of course price, so you need to think very carefully before making a decision.

clip_image002Firstly, take into account both the size of land available for your shed and the type of building you need. Are you just going to keep garden tools and equipment in it? Are you looking for an end of garden retreat with space to sit and relax? If you are looking to store larger garden equipment, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, or similar, you will really need at least a 6ft x 8ft shed. Check your dimensions properly as sizes quoted by a supplier may not include roof overhang, which should be around 5cm at the sides and 7.5cm at the front and back.

clip_image004clip_image006The material for your shed is a matter of personal preference. However, the majority of UK sheds sold in the UK are wooden, made from either pine or spruce softwoods. Cedar, a more durable wood, may be an alternative choice but would probably be around twice the price as traditional softwoods. Wooden timber sheds can be painted, treated or detailed to your individual choice. Perhaps you’d like a log cabin appearance or a miniature house design. If so, wood would be your ideal choice as it is easy to custom and replace as opposed to alternatives such as metal or plastic. Inexpensive featheredge boards are prone to warping and draughts, whereas the more expensive tongue and groove or interlocking shiplap cladded sheds do provide greater durability. Bear in mind though that all timber based sheds will require maintenance to protect them from mould and deterioration.

Sheds made from metal are not susceptible to decay, but their obvious drawback is that they do not look attractive, are difficult to replace and can attract condensation. Plastic may be easy to assemble, is relatively maintenance free, clip_image008and can be taken apart and reconstructed should you move home, but may not look appealing.

Other factors to consider are the ideal garden spot for your shed. Choose a shady area, but try and avoid overhanging trees as leaves can block gutters and cause dampness. Your shed will also need to be tall enough to allow you to stand inside comfortably. Take into account wall space for shelving, racks and hooks as floor space is valuable. Also ensure the doorway is wide enough to allow easy access for garden equipment, such as wheelbarrows. Around 3m is recommended.

clip_image010Traditional garden sheds are available in two styles, those with triangular apex sloping roofs, – ideal if you wish to store parasols or large sports equipment – or the ‘pent’ style single angled flat roof.


Although, these examples of basic 6ft x 8ft apex or wooden type pent roof timber style sheds would cost around £250, prices obviously vary according to size, style and materials used. You can use several companies, such as Sheds First, to compare the latest, and most popular contemporary sheds. Take time to research, check online and enjoy the use of your new garden shed for many years to come.