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Business Social Media Cues From the Food Industry

Most companies maintain some semblance of a social media presence, and it’s feeling more and more like a prerequisite for success. If you are attempting to navigate the world of establishing your brand online, you wouldn’t be the first to stumble. The way you choose to present yourself is important, and in some businesses, it’s pretty much everything. One industry that’s adeptly taken the cue is the food sector. Many food manufacturers have established a presence online through seamless social media integration. How can you learn from this and apply it to your business? Consider how food companies have created a brand through use of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nailing online presentation is hard, but with social media, you have a wealth of tools at your disposal. Rather than shying away from the realm of social media, embrace it and see where it can take you.
Build Relationships
Perhaps the greatest way a company can establish themselves online is by interacting with customers. As has been noted, maintaining a presence on the platforms your customers use most is a great way to ensure you understand their needs, expectations, and feedback. This potential for open communication is vital, and it’s led the food industry to recognize social media as an indispensable resource. In recent years, customers have gone online to campaign for improvements in the quality and ingredients of their food. It works, and you can use your own presence to similarly adapt and improve.
Be Transparent
Social media has a tendency to offer a staged and artificial view of its contents. When everything is planned, approved, and posted, there aren’t as many candid moments as it seems. Many food companies have sensed their customers’ distaste for this phenomenon and have taken a more honest approach. Hampton Creek, a clean eating startup out of San Francisco, is making a name for itself through simple ingredients and transparency with customers. The approach has proven a success as they continue to grow. You might be surprised how a down-to-earth web presence affects your customer base.
Pay Attention to Trends
At its base, social media is all about trends, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Trying new things is great, and customers will always want exciting upgrades. You might notice how often trending topics are originated by food companies and restaurants. Getting customers hungry and spreading the word about new products is key. You can apply this principle by going all-in on hashtags and getting the ball rolling on trends relevant to your company. You may not have customers who are literally hungry for your products, but you can build hype and reach a wide audience this way.
Manage Your Image
With the emergence of Instagram and other social media, you have the unprecedented ability to present your brand’s image, in a literal sense, exactly as you’d like it to be seen. For a food company, this may take the form of a mouthwatering snapshot, or for your company, it may be an artistic picture of your product. Hampton Creek has successfully expanded their product line in major retailers after gaining thousands of followers on Instagram. Strategizing the imagery that best appeals to your market and curating its online presence can have a big impact and lead to greater success for your brand and image.
Invest in Technology
As you adapt to social media and get the hang of its use, don’t make the mistake of getting stuck in any one platform. Though the most popular ones are well-established, new trends and platforms emerge every day. Invest your energy in the presence reaching the widest audience. You can learn from the social media habits of food companies and turn your online presence into a fantastic resource, but perhaps the most important element to adopt is adaptability. As food companies continue to shift with customer interests, you can do the same and build your business in the process. The investments you make in technology and web presence will pay off. In the digital age, there’s no greater weapon than followers, and yours will help you expand and grow. Taking cues from the food sector can give you a unique perspective that benefits your long-term business objectives, so rather than avoiding it, jump in and make yourself at home. There’s no better way to establish your brand and connect with customers than making your space on their own platform.

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