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Brainstorming Video Cutting Tips for Your Android Mobile

Is your time-consuming video making everyone feeling boring and tired? Does it contain a lot of extra filler? No worries. Now, sharing the interesting parts of your shot video on Android phone involves an easy process. Unnecessary large videos capture a lot of space on your memory card. It, often, interferes with the download of many other videos and sometimes even compels us to delete the older ones. Thanks to the latest developments made in this sector that enable us to do video cutting by using user-friendly video cutters. Photos really win our hearts by taking us to some past unforgettable moments, but videos can do a lot more. It captures the images as well as add audio effect to it. You may also yawn and feel tired while watching a wedding video of your friend with every detail. And you don’t want to get the same reaction from your friend while sharing your video with her, right? Therefore, you should put on your hat of the Movavi video editor to trim it. Let’s check out how you can do it easily.


· To trim your Android videos, open the camera and shoot whatever you want. In the next step, you can watch the video you have recently shot or hit the ‘Gallery’. When the ‘Gallery’ opens up, select the video you need to trim.

· On the screen of the playback, there will be three small dots on the upper right side corner of the screen. Now from the dropdown menu, hit on the ‘Trim’ option.

· Now look at the options to cut video at the bottom of the screen. The left selector decides your beginning point, whereas the right selector decides its end point. You can play the video you choose. Do the adjustments to properly trim your video. When the process is over, hit the ‘Save’ button.

· To find out whether the video is rightly trimmed, play your newly cut video. If you avoid opening the new video in the video player, just simply cancel that operation and share with your friends your new video to whatever location or service you want.

However, this trimming process is a little bit different in the case of Samsung Android phones.

Carrying out the editing process correctly is, in fact, one of the most important things to become a good videographer. If you are just starting your career in this field, then without taking any risk, switch to video cutter tools like Movavi. You have to make your impression in the first take, as, like films, you won’t get another chance from the same customer to rectify your mistake, and it can hamper your business or profession indirectly. So, do a lot of study on the subject and keep updated yourself regularly with the pros and cons of the new video cutter tools coming up in the market. Use this wonderful video trimming technology to give your customers a rich and wonderful experience of dwelling in the past during leisure moments.