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Blogger Interface Upgraded ! – Switch Back To Old Interface


All BlogSpot blogs will be automatically upgraded to the new blogger look so that it may blend other Google Products. With the introduction of Google Plus , developers at Google have given the same design and look to every Google service to keep things simple. The current interface at will now be officially launched at from First April 2012 onwards. This upgraded interface has many new features and is a lot faster. All your favorite blogging actions now have several shortcuts thus making your blogging experience even more worthwhile. We will also learn how to turn back to old blogger look or switching back to old user interface. Lets have a quick look at some of the important changes.



The Dashboard is now more organized and kept neat and clean. It’s the first page you land on and it’s the control panel from where you perform various actions like writing a new post, editing old posts, moderating comments, adjusting settings, tracking page views and post count, viewing stats and following your favorite blogs. Settings and blog customization setting options are tabbed inside the drop-down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to:

  1. Overview
  2. Posts
  3. Pages
  5. Stats
  6. Earnings
  7. Layout
  8. Template
  9. Settings

Customizing your template

To customize your template click the Template tab and then you have two options. The Customize option will let you make changes to your design using Bloggers Template designer WYSIWYG (“What you see is what you get”) . WYSIWYG works only for template provided by blogger. If you are using a custom template then you go with the normal way of “Edit HTML

You also have several options of choosing a blog templates either from dynamic views list, picture window, simple or others.


From the Overview tab, you can track your blog stats and activity. You will also find interesting tips and updates from the Blogger team, and recent Blogs of Note. Its more detailed and informative then it was before using the old traditional interface.

New post

Clicking the orange Pencil Icon from your dashboard will let you write a new post. You will find several editing tools and options such as labels, schedules, location tagging and the latest Meta Post Description.  Write at most 150 characters of post description for every new post you write in order to rank better and higher.

New page Features

Pages can now be created ordered and added to menu (top Tabs) or sidebar (Side Links)  more easily. You can also create a Page Title and redirect it to any web address you like. Its not something extra ordinary but useful for those who are not well versed with HTML4.

Permissions and Privacy Settings

By going to the Settings > Basics tab, you can manage and edit your privacy settings. You can also grant author or admin privileges from this section. All with a click of a mouse!



Monetize Tab Now Called Earning!


The Earnings tab is the new name for the previously called Monetize. Its well equipped with new features and easy to use instructions. You can track your page impressions, CTR, CPC and everything related to ADSENSE ADs.

How To Switch Back to Old Blogger Interface?

The procedure is extremely simple. Click the “Old Blogger Interface” tab just under the settings icon at the top-right corner of your dashboard. This action will turn your dashboard layout and settings to the default one. Which looks like this:


Did you like the new interface?

With time we often get used to and habitual with old visuals and its difficult to switch to new ones but we all need to remain updated and therefore every development must be welcomed warmly. I am so far highly impressed with they way pages load now. Edit Blog template has become far easy now because changes are applied within seconds. This new interface also provides some cool shortcuts that saves time and helps you manage your blogs more effectively. I would love to hear about what your opinions are related to this second biggest development after the search preferences. Peace and blessings pals! 🙂

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